Xbox 360 beats PS3 in exclusive games sales (Comparison)

Videogameszone compared the sales numbers of PS3 and Xbox 360 Exclusives. While Halo 3 sold more than 8 million units, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue just sold 4.65 million units. Until now Xbox 360(33 million sold exkclusives) beats PS3 (24 million sold excusives) in exclusive games sales.

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yoghurt3736d ago

Really? so you mean to say that a larger install base, has sold more than the smaller install base....weird...

kalebgray923736d ago

so they made more money.... why does that matter to me.... since they are getting rich off of me quicker that sony.... should i just give more money to them... whats the point of this article...?

NotoriousWarrior3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

There are so many things wrong with that table. Where is Resistance 2 which sold over 2 mill? Why is MGS4 in 3 million when its confirmed that it sold around 5 mill?

It's true that 360 exclusive sell more due to Halo and Gears but seriously why make a compression when the info's been taken from Wiki?

What the hell is EPIC SHOOTER? WTF...

and GT5 is yet to come. I actually expected PS3 exclusive to be further behind (might have been all 360 fans babbling about their sales...) but guess not and they made mistakes aswell.

sub853736d ago

Afaik, Gears of War is banned in Germany. They have to circumscribe it.

PimpHandHappy3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

no God of War but they have Mass Effect 2.... hmmmm

they do say they think this trend will flip this year possibly... is Warhawk not over a million?

anyway this isnt worth my time to start my own list because i really can care less about sales

and yea MGS4 is well over 3mill

ipe3736d ago

mgs5 is over 5 mills.(konami reports,SOLD units not shipped)
uncharted 1 over 3 millions(it was 2.6 year ago,e3 report)
rfom over 3.5 millions
lbp 3.2 millions

also halo 3 is 10 mills.
forza 2 about 3.5 mills.
epic shooter??

who the hell approves this????

article is garbage

madmonkey03736d ago

so they beat it in sales, well im more concerned about quality, and in my opinion, the ps3 wins there.

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