Crysis 2 Sound Design Is 'Breathtaking' - Senior Animator

Crysis 2 Senior Animator Luke Kelly has said that the sound design for Crysis 2 is "breathtaking" and that gamers will not be disappointed with the hotly anticipated titles stealth components.

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kevco333102d ago

Well, they would say that, wouldn't they?

Hellsvacancy3102d ago

And i was gonna say that lol

Hanif-8763102d ago

If it comes close to Battlefield Bad Company 2 then its really good :-)

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3102d ago


I've got an awesome 7.1 setup, so I can't wait to hear (and see) the game.

Cyorg3102d ago

Someone working on Crysis 2 was able to talk without taking a crap on other games?!?!

DelbertGrady3102d ago

I highly doubt it can compete with Battlefield: Bad Comapany 2 but it will be interesting to see/hear what it looks/sounds like.

BattleAxe3102d ago

I'm not going to bother with this game. After all the crap that has been comming from the mouths of these guys they can shove it.

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mjolliffe3102d ago

Man I can't wait for this title XD

Convas3102d ago

DICE never said a WORD about their Sound Design. And look what happened. Bad Company 2 has some of the most realistic sound design in gaming history.

Now, I find that anything that comes from these Crysis guys gets a generous helping of salt.

Fishy Fingers3102d ago

Actually, they said quite a lot about the first game which used the same dynamic sound set up as the sequel.

Of course that could of been because the original was the first in a new franchise so they have to big up each and every aspect that they can, much like Crytek are doing, remember this is there first console game, they'll want to get it attention.

DelbertGrady3102d ago

It's insane when you pull the trigger of a rifle and hear the ground tremble as the bullet leaves the barrel and then followed up by a distant echo. If you are outside, that is. Sounds different depending on where you are positioned. The communication between your team members is also second to none. I love how they yell out directives depending on your actions. Spotting a sniper etc.

The sound design injects life into the battlefield that I haven't experienced in any other game.

AKS3102d ago

DICE hasn't updated the sound in BC2 except in the PC version. It sounds very good, but I'm not quite as impressed as I have been with the audio in some other games, such as Uncharted 2 in 7.1 LPCM.

hatchimatchi3102d ago

Maybe it's just me but i'm getting really sick and tired of seeing crysis 2 stories on n4g.

I've said it before, 2010 is a huge year for games, we don't even know what is in store for us at E3. I don't think console gamers are getting excited for a multi-plat sequel to a game that they most likely haven't played.

I know i'm not.

nycredude3102d ago

I agree these articles are getting annoying. Just stfu and work on the game and release it without hyping it to high heavens.

Fishy Fingers3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

You cant always blame the developers. Usually a horde of articles all stem from one interview. Take this for example, its a community Q&A posted on their own forums and no doubt we'll be reading quotes based on (ripped from) it for the next few days.

It isnt exactly Crytek posting these at N4G, nor are they running around giving interviews to every site.

NateNater3102d ago

What's wrong with devs liking their work and admitting it? I see no problem here.

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