Interview With the Guys Behind Hydrophobia

resumeplay writes: "Dark Energy Digital is the developer of the upcoming Hydrophobia. Hydrophobia is set in a world that has become over populated and a group of wealthy elites have come together to build a ship named "The Queen of the World." "

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brandynevils3733d ago

Everything about this game seems so cool... can't wait to play it.

smashly3733d ago

me neither, its cool to see they built this engine up for this game.

dragunrising3732d ago

Day 1 buy for me. I've been interested in this game since I learned of the concept.

I wonder how expensive it will be on account its episodic? If there are four episodes for $15 that could effectively make the game the same price as retail. I'm not a fan of episodic games myself and would appreciate a "buy all" option and for a slight discount.

Otherwise, very excited.

sdoodguy013733d ago

Don't see a lot of games with such a vast underwater setting, I'm looking forward to this one!

mau643733d ago

Yeah, what a crazy idea for a game they had. I can't wait to see the final build on how the water actually works.

SKGamer3732d ago

Well I can definitely think of one... BioShock.

Some people have been comparing this to BioShock, but I'm not sure the gameplay is very similar. The setting and the graphics look similar, but this will have a different style and story. If it can be as good as BioShock, I'd be very pleased, but maybe even a few similarities will help it out.

Valay3733d ago

Could turn out to be good.

mau643733d ago

I definitely think it has potential to break me of my favorite XBLA game castle crashers.

stoppre3733d ago

This game looks promising for a downloadable title.

mau643733d ago

I wonder if Microsoft will make it one of the summer of arcade games

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