Inevitable Change

Critical Gamer writes: Change is inevitable. It happens. We evolve and adapt. Sometimes change is for the better and sometimes it isn't. Sometimes things can even change back to the way they once were. Whether it is for the better, for the worst or simply a by-product of circumstance the key point here is that change is inevitable.

A long time ago in a place called the Nineties people, including myself, eagerly bought gaming magazines each month. These magazines recapped four weeks worth of news, reviews, previews and exclusive titbits from all the big important conventions. Now we're in a place irritatingly referred to as the…actually, what are we in now? As people who proof read this pointed out: this isn't the Naughties now (and I know this probably isn't the place or totally related, but when talking about the upcoming Olympics please do not refer to the year as twenty-twelve, it's two thousand and twelve damn it). Oh well, whatever we're in now and despite society moving on far beyond the need for them, every time I'm in a newsagent I still see gaming magazines.

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Jim Crikey3101d ago

I think magazines will go eventually, but not for a long time yet.

scruffy_bear3101d ago

Writing is on the wall for Magazines, its only a matter of time before they are gone from our shelves

mjolliffe3101d ago

I don't want them to go, but with the internet bigger than ever, and still growing, it's inevitable...


Danteh3101d ago

Hmmm... it's a good question

I still buy Hobby Consolas every month because, well, I've been doing it for the past 12 years. I remember when I first bought it, I think there was a Mario 64 cover... nostalgia maybe?

I've been considering not buying it, since they always give high scores to ALL the games to not get anyone angry... I've always appreciated the humor and news in it, but the problem is 99% of the news they post I read them here in N4G a month ago, so I'm slowly losing interest :(

IDesertFoxI3101d ago

I think they still have life in them. Magazine fill the perfect role of toilet literature at the moment, as I can't really justify taking a laptop to the loo just for ten minutes or so of reading. Also, reading off a small display, such as an iPhone really doesn't appeal.

Gamealot3101d ago

that's so funny, because i'm writting to you on mmy laptop as i'm doing my business in the toilet.............. MERCY FLUSH !!!

Danteh3101d ago


only pr0n-pros bring a laptop to the toilet, ughhhhhhh I feel dirty lol

Gun_Senshi3101d ago

Nowdays you can browse internet on mobile phones via wifi

GUCommander3101d ago

Very nice article. I think magazines are useful for the toilet only....and that's it.

BeaArthur3101d ago

Magazines have their niche but I think we will see them start to go the way of the newspaper over the next few decades. They are still predominant now because older people don't use the internet like we do.

Cajun Chicken3101d ago

N4G has saved me so much money in gaming magazines and with the internet, the article is right, it always seems so funny when something comes up in a magazine that I knew about ages ago due to the speed of the internet.

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