Heavy Rain Endings Guide

Rely on Horror writes: "There are a total of 7 endings in Heavy Rain that can be unlocked. Each one requires a different set of actions to be completed during the game. To get the Platinum Trophy for Heavy Rain, you need to see all of the endings the game has to offer. If you don't know how to get them, that can certainly take a long time. Rely on Horror has you covered though. This is a relatively straightfoward walk-through on how to obtain all of the endings."

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madmonkey03103d ago

didn't cage, or one of the other developers say there were 18 endings? im sure i have ad more than 7 different endings on it already. strange.

jjacinto233103d ago

i played all endings i even got the platinum for this game. some ending are very very very sad but some ending was meh and some are just very very favorite ending is tears in rain