Mysterious Just Cause 2 Teaser Vid Hints At Future DLC

Square Enix has released a mysterious teaser video from, what appears to be, Just Cause 2.

The video shows the right hand corner of a game screen, displaying a large thermometer. Voices are heard saying "I don't know what that thing is, I've never seen it before in my life" and "coming soon, I guess."

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Fyzzu3500d ago

Oh please, be a jetpack. That would be the greatest thing that could possibly be added to Just Cause 2.

Maticus3500d ago

A jet pack? Wow, is there anything else this game DOESN'T have? Thought the monster truck was good, but a jet pack would just own.

AndyA3500d ago

Would absolutely love a jetpack. Can't see it happening as I guess it would mess with the parachute mechanic, but we can still dream.

ElementX3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Jetpacks are so cliche

joydestroy3500d ago

i've been wanting a jetpack for sooooo long in this game. i hope it comes.

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Dorjan3500d ago

Oh it clearly is some sort of engine!

Leord3500d ago

Hehe, stuntmanning gone crazy.

Keyop3500d ago

It's thrusters for the parachute, limited burn time

maxbyte3500d ago

This DLC gives me a hope that they have designed this game superbly to accommodate for future expansions.
Now, bring the DLC that will give me a safe-house with private parking and a small airfield where I could keep my purchased vehicles and equipment.
I absolutely love this game and it has taken all my game hours to everything else I have but the black market is just annoying.

AndyA3500d ago

Agree completely - it needs a Saints Row 2-style garage system IMO.

FragMnTagM3500d ago

I also dislike the way the Black Market was handled. Why cant we just order multiple weapons instead of having to restart the whole Black Market thing for each weapon drop/car drop? Of all the things this game does right, and the developers didn't find how the black market thing could get really annoying?

Other than that, this game is great and I hope they keep bringing the DLC. I love going short distance parachute grappling, so this would be awesome if it were some sort of thruster or jetpack.

ian723500d ago

I too agree that this game is awesome. I have spent hours just messing around not doing any of the story. It's a way better game than what I expected. Hope it's some good DLC, if it is I will definately buy it as long as it doesn't cost too much.

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