Britxbox: Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

Conviction is by no means a disappointment and it's certainly commendable that Ubisoft have purposefully set out to redefine the series. However, even the longevity and value added by Deniable Ops doesn't make up for a relatively short and somewhat mixed single player. Yet with an inevitable sequel possibly already in the works, hopefully Ubisoft Montreal will build upon and nurture the more successful and innovative aspects of Conviction for the next installment.

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T9X693106d ago

I think what there doing is using Conviction as a test, to see if the new direction goes well. So far its had pretty good reviews for the most part, high 8's and low 9's. So they will probably use Conviction as the base for the next game, and just approve on it based on feedback.

thereapersson3106d ago

If they were going this route all along, why push it back, only to release what is effectively the same product?

I remember seeing the first previews of Conviction in an old issue of Game Informer, and thinking "wow, now THAT is next-generation". I wish I could figure out where it all went downhill...

Inside_out3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

You have to play it to understand...7/10 is far to definitely played on easy, you can't run n gun in this game...PERIOD...LMAO...when you do the controls and aiming are difficult, sound familiar...The AI doesn't stop moving, always swaying, bending and walking around...that's why he had problems with the headshots..LOL..on realistic setting, you will die alot...the second half of this game is amazing and you actually get to go up against other splinter cells with the same gadgets as you ( sonar goggles )....The mark n execute is critical on harder game setting as is last known position and staying in the shadows...I'm starting to think these reviewers don't even play the games through, just watch a walkthrough....Music, story and game play are great and blend perfectly....Airfield has some of the best music, play over and over...This game is STEALTH/ACTION...maybe he missed that...LOL..

Is it game is...some problems...too much black and white in the post game solo modes...spend all your time in the shadows...Iraq level had a good concept, explaining Sams relationship with his best friend Victor Coste, BUT worst level in terms of game play and graphics....

Luckily, it ends of the best games this gen...Love the story and the ending with Victor Coste worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster... IS 8+ hrs on realistic setting...add 45 achievements, 30+ P.E.C challenges ( complete challenge, get points, buy upgrades ) co-op campaign/split screen and multi-player on line...You have a incredible package...Play the games, know the truth...

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unknownhero11233106d ago

conviction isn't a bad game by any means. despite the change in gameplay, stealth is still a huge part in the game because even on easy, If you try to run and gun, you will die. the story is excellent although I'm surprised about a change in a certin character's personality(won't reveal due to spoiler reasons). In my opinion, this game is a 9.

MAG_SVER3106d ago

Like I said in other threads

& guess what it's at 56 reviews now & has a rating of 85 . Mark My Words no higher than 83 once all reviews are in.

Also it barely got HALF A MILLION sales & by XBOT logics it's a FLOP!!!


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