Do Not Trust This Magazine's Review Scores

The biggest Japanese game magazine, Famitsu, has awarded its highest score to stealth game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. In the process, the publication has shown that, as a source of objective game reviews, it cannot be trusted.

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ClownBelt3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )'s like seeing a fanboy raging over a site because of the score...Jesus Christ...They've played the game, and you guys did not. Your proof holds nothing, because well it's not a proof. It's just a speculation...

It's much like IGN you know, but hey, I don't see you guys talking about that.

Chaos Striker3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Although I do agree that their headline and intent is a bit extreme, I find that there is a conflict of interest (if you read the article). Basically the article is saying is that Peace Walker features the Famitsu magazine in it and additionally, Famitsu advertises the game in their magazine right now. As a result, the review that Famitsu gave could/could not be linked to the fact that they are getting awareness via content inside the game. One way to look at this, is that it is simply a mere coincidence. But, then you can argue that the high score and the feature content is linked. Hence, a conflict of interest is born.

Kerrby3107d ago

Kotaku. Pot. Kettle. Black.

jjohan353107d ago

Its reviews and articles cannot be trusted!

ClownBelt3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Do they have proof that Kojima paid Famitsu? Is the picture showing the chief editor enough to make a conclusion about this issue?

I read the whole article that's why I put IGN in my example. I believe IGN has a special segment in Xbox live that shows some strategy and such...Does this mean they are getting paid for their reviews? Well, Kotaku's logic dictates yes.

Edit. I just want to add that sometimes if you go to Gamespot, you'll see advertisement that covers the FULL page of PS3 and/or 360.

GrieverSoul3107d ago

This is a fail logic since every other sites have adds from PS3 and X360 titles splatered all over their front page. Do they get paid to review said game?! We will never know.

Does kotaku need adds?!
Are they sour they dont get paid to give good scores?! ;)

Either way, the article point is interesting but the headline is pure flame bait.

Cueil3107d ago

there is some truth in this... the way this kind of thing works in Japan is rather... cumbersome compared to how we are use to it...

gaffyh3107d ago

Wow this is...sad. I guess it could be true, but there's no actual proof, just speculation. What if the game ACTUALLY is good? What if it ACTUALLY is a 40/40? That's not impossible for MGS, as it is one of the best series of games available.

Hill_billy3107d ago

Bwaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! !!!!1111

GTFO Kotaku!

BloodyNapkin3107d ago

Well unlike alot of people on this site, i do not listen to reviews and i try to stay out of them much as possible. Really reviews mean squat to me cause people have different opinions. I keep eye's on games myself and make judgements from video's and what the dev's are commenting on the game and if i am unsure i will gamefly it then decide.

Redempteur3107d ago

sorry kotaku , but all the games they gave 40/40 were awesome games ( except bayonnetta that was still good but that's matter of opinion )

Why shouldn't i trust famitsu ? because kotaku said so .? Lool I don't trust reviews ( i make my own opinion ) but famitsu is way more logical in their score than kotaku at least .

As if kotaku hsan't received any goft from publishers ( everyone do )

Information Minister3107d ago

The irony and hypocrisy in this story are overwhelming. These guys didn't seem too bothered with Bayonetta's perfect score. Was it because it didn't conflict with their own agenda? If only Kotaku was half as trustworthy as Famitsu.

gaffyh3107d ago

@1.10 - I agree, Bayonetta was in no way a perfect game, it was good, but is to be honest, a disgrace to the rest of perfects on that list.

DatNJDom813107d ago

You mean like I dont trust any western gaming review? I know that famitsu is kind of generous to Japanese games and a little harsh on western games (always makes me skeptical of their reviews). But after seeing how the whole western "gaming media" treated the PS3 and was licking xbox balls, I dont trust any review. I go by the demos and the fact that the Metal Gear franchise is top notch quality. So kotaku, you can take this article and shove it up your @$$. Or better yet, put it next to the piggy bank where gaming companies pay you off. Hypocrites.

By the way, Kojima FTMFW!

Inside_out3107d ago

No coincidence...Magazine is in the game...magazine gives game perfect score...seems pretty clear to game is perfect...I think that is clear ( EXCEPT RE 4 )...should of gave it 9.9...end of debate...

Anon19743106d ago

That doesn't automatically mean I'm going to favor them. Far from it, I'm often critical of Microsoft.

This article is making too much of a leap. If this were a consistent trend that we're witnessing, maybe come at us with that info but you can't judge this based on what happened with one game.

Oner3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

What's really clear here is that you can tell who ONLY takes one piece of specific information to make some idiotic opinion without doing proper research of the WHOLE VIEW to make a proper valid point instead. Here are ALL the tie-ins to real world products ~

in-game Monster Hunter monsters
Assassin's Creed collaboration (MGS4 had one, too)
in-game Doritos
in-game Pepsi
in-game Mountain Dew
in-game Axe body spray
in-game Walkman
in-game Uniqlo
in-game Famitsu
in-game Dengeki Games <------ A RIVAL MAGAZINES GAMES
in-game Weekly Jump manga <------ OH LOOK AT THAT ANOTHER MAGAZINE (not VG related though)

Out-of-game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker figures created by Square Enix, official accessories from Hori and Porter.

I am not defending Famitsu ~ as we shall see if this leads to something down the line...but what I am pointing out is those who speak with only partial info to make a BS opinionated & biased ladened statement but even more so than these idiots I question Kotaku!

Who the F are they to question others validity/credibility when they themselves have none...that's like taking ANYTHING Jim Sterling speaks/says/reviews seriously.


Not possible.

Never gonna happen.

fr0sty3106d ago

"peace walker may very well be a great game, but because famitsu reviewed it as such must mean they got paid off"

digging really deep for this one... straight to the bottom of the barrel. hardly what i'd call journalism.

monkpunk13106d ago

Well kotaku i sense jealousy over a psp game here.... Maybe it is a really good game?

Why not run a feature on edge magazine if you are going to start this slur. oh no sorry you wouldn't do that due to the joint love for microsoft...

Anyway, i'm sure that most publications and websites do get something out of a 'good review' be it an exclusive on their next games or gift packs etc.

RememberThe3573106d ago

Move along...

And honestly how is Kotaku going to call anyone out. Their track record is spotty at best.

Megaton3106d ago

Irony: Kotaku saying another media source can't be trusted.

Personally, I never took Famitsu seriously. I keep hearing about how they've been around for like 9000 years, and they're such a prestigious entity in Japan. F*ck that. They loved Haze and The Last Remnant. They obviously don't know their ass from a good game.

vhero3106d ago

I love how Kotaku the biggest 360 fanboy site on the web made this article it's so funny.

tplarkin73106d ago

How can you prove collusion unless someone admits it? Short of admitting it, it looks really bad when the president of a magazine company is selling a product that the magazine reviews. If it was a judge, he would have to recuse himself.

tplarkin73106d ago

Sony dropped the ball many times. Their marketing strategy is to lie to the public. You can't trust anything that Sony says. There is not a single date in their history that they have promised and fulfilled.

Microsoft, on the other hand, says a date, and meets or exceeds that date.

The media has defended Sony too often. They just smile and nod when Sony gives a release date.

Besides all that, the best games have been on Xbox for the past two generations.

TotalPS3Fanboy3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Microsoft obviously paid Kotaku to write this article to try to smear MGS5:Peace Walker.

@tplarkin7: "Is there a picture of Bill Gates advertising for Kotaku on the Kotaku site?"

Microsoft usually do those deal behind door, as to not leave any proof.

@tplarkin7: "In case you didn't read the article. Famitsu has a full page ad with the President of Famitsu playing MGS. Coincidentally, that game gets a perfect 40/40."

Well, obviously, The President is playing MGS:PW because it's a perfect game, and he is honored to be featured playing such a perfect game in the ad. And since it's a perfect game, Famitsu gave it a perfect score. That wasn't so hard to understand, dude.

MGS:PW is perfect because Kojima made it. Not because of an ad. If all it takes is an ad to make a perfect game, then game developers would not even need all those years of education and training and experiences.

tplarkin73106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Is there a picture of Bill Gates advertising for Kotaku on the Kotaku site?

In case you didn't read the article. Famitsu has a full page ad with the President of Famitsu playing MGS. Coincidentally, that game gets a perfect 40/40.

Alvadr3106d ago

Recent review scores, even Meta averages have tought me that my own personal opinion is king.

They all loved Bayonetta, I thought it was rubbish
They all said Mass Effect 2 is GOTY, I think its just a good game
They all said FFXIII is mediocre, I absolutly love it to bits
They all said White Knight Chronicles sucked, I think its decent
They all loved GOW3, I think its not my game at all

oricon3106d ago

Of all websites Kotaku, their just butthurt.

tplarkin73106d ago

The next time you witness Bill Gates buying off Kotaku "behind closed doors", take a picture.

A imed x S hot3106d ago

"Besides all that, the best games have been on Xbox for the past two generations."

Lawl I Hope that was sarcasm...nice opinion man to bad it's not a FACT.

tinybigman3106d ago

needs to have their head(s) examined. MGS games have always reviewed high from famitsu so it's no surprise peace walker got a great score.

seriously get your heads out of your a$$e$ and use your brains.

TheTwelve3106d ago

Kotaku trying once again to backhand Sony?

Moving on.


Abriael3106d ago

What makes me really laugh of this whole issue are the few that actually have the guts to defend Kotaku telling that Famitsu should have put a full disclosure in the review, informing about the tie-in.

A full disclosure is needed or warranted only when there's something to disclose. Here there's absolutely nothing to disclose, since the deal is out in the open and everyone and their mother knows about it (they even did a press concerence).
There's absolutely nothing hidden anywhere. The Tie-in was publicly disclosed in several instances.

Why should Famitsu write a full disclosure on something that's very publicly known, when gaming journalists in every gaming publication out there (including Kotaku) don't feel compelled to follow-up their reviews with a list of all the swag, favors and giveaways (not to mention advertising money) they receive from the publisher of those games? And you know, it's an helluva lot of stuff.

The only conflict of interest I see here is on Kotaku's part, as they publicly declare that a competing publication isn't reliable (funny, since they regularly piggyback on it for news, oh the irony...).

Anyway, my full opinion on this one is here.
Read it at your own risk because it's a little caustic.

TotalPS3Fanboy3106d ago

How am I going to take a picture when it's behind closed doors? Do you not understand that part? LOL.

Anyway, too bad Kotaku have no proof that an ad magically trasnform MGS:PW into a perfect game, and that it was not already perfected by Kojima beforehand.

Face it. It have already accepted that MGS:PW is a perfect game because of Kojima's didication, passion, and experties, and not because of an ad. No ad will be able to make a perfect. That just makes no sense. An ad making a video game perfect? That's crazy talk.

nan03106d ago

Where were these biznitches when Bayonetta was getting great scores? If anything, they finially took the right steps in scoring this game well and some site starts crying because a PSP game beat out every 360 and most of the PS3's library this year.

TheTwelve3106d ago

In fact, because of this article, I've pre-ordered this game when I really wasn't interested in it before. You know when the haters get angry, you're onto something good.


Meryl3106d ago

lol kotaku are only saying this because they live of MS paychecks

Christopher3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I see what they're saying... But it's all conjecture, not fact.

One might say that without any of their tie-ins to the game that they were already biased for giving MGS4 a perfect score as well. One might even go so far as to draw a line between their obvious love of MGS4 and the reason why they are involved with MGS:PW.

Again, though, conjecture, which should never be used as fact except in an American court of law :p

TheSadTruth3106d ago

lol at all the sony fanboys here

I could care less either way because I don't give a crap about review scores because I'm not cattle like the kids on this websites

I can almost guarantee if the review was for an xbox game, everyone here would be praising Kotaku instead of pointing out their hypocrisy

oh the irony

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Crusade3107d ago

Wow, they really hate all things playstation.

Dance3107d ago

Another one who cant read

3106d ago
distorted_reality3107d ago

People who care about review scores are tools anyway.

MaximusPaynicus3107d ago

...because most gamers are too damn lazy to actually "read" a review anymore.

playstation_clan3106d ago

Reviewers do get a big fat check from Microsoft

Dance3107d ago

Kotaku did mention 360 version of Bayonetta and they also said this

[Regardless what you think of Famitsu, or even numbered reviews, getting a perfect Famitsu score is a big deal in Japan. It can potentially mean bigger sales.]

Elven63106d ago

Did you not read the article? The only reason they [Kotaku] are bringing this up is because Famitsu is featured in MGS: Peacewalker and their (Famitsu's) president is part of the marketing campaign for the game. To my knowledge, Famitsu was not in Bayonetta and neither did their former EiC have a spot in Bayonetta's adverts.

That doesn't mean the magazine was paid by any means.

booni33106d ago

becuz it is an excellent game thats why.

seinfan3106d ago

Who the hell cares? It's a Japanese magazine. They gave NINTENDOGS a perfect score for crying out loud! The Japanese have an odd taste in entertainment. Just look at all the fish pr0n.