Rumour: Xbox Live Could Get TV Channel, Price Rise Included

Microsoft Corp. and former News Corp. President Peter Chernin have reportedly held talks about a potential Xbox TV Channel.

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SpaceSquirrel3105d ago

That's interesting. I wonder if many are willing to pay more for Xbox Live though.

mjolliffe3105d ago

There's talk of raising the price of Live by $1 or $2. Why?

I know it isn't a lot, but for those who don't want the TV channel, it's pointless. Let the gamer have the option of whether they want the channel :)

I'm interested to see what it'll offer, and we all know that Microsoft can deliver some top quality stuff :D

qface643105d ago

gamer wouldn't have an option if they made it an option then people wouldn't jump on board

in the end it doesn't matter they can raise the price of live by 5-10 dollars and people will still pay for it people would still defend it etc etc

dangert123105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

then a tv channel exclusive to gold members to justify the price rise
cause i've never heard anyone say xbox should have there own tv channel =/

does any one remember thatkart game we was suppose 2 get with avatars ='[ i was looking forward to it aswel

SixZeroFour3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

no offense to this, it could have some quality stuff (btw, i hope they mean channel"s", meaning more than one) if i wanted to watch tv, i wouldnt be on the xbox would i?

BUT, and this is a big but, if this meant tv channel"s", then for a person living alone or something, this could be money saving, if they went ahead and just cancelled their cable, and from then on just payed the yearly subscription and internet, since they wouldnt need cable anymore and just need the internet connection to connect to live with the tv channels, but thats still if they meant CHANNELS and not just a single channel

EDIT: lmao @ the 2 stealth disagree-rs, looks like all they had in them was a click and not a voice (and im sure it was the same 2 ppl or multiaccount user, cause at this moment everyone in this thread has 2 disagrees)


TV on the 360 would compete with cable and SAT and be 10 times cheaper for the same HD content. My cable bill is $80 for basic a month without internet. If MS wants to charge $10 more a year to give me the same thing I'll pay gladly. Hell if Sony offered the same service I would pay them too.

execution173104d ago

just paid $59.99 (taxes not included)plus i gotta take back my BFBC2 b*stards gave me a used version :@

AAACE53104d ago

I fthey do something like this, I hope they have a way to have multiple challels and a way to see football games that aren't shown on regular TV. They could even go as far as to charge $20 to watch the whole season and I would pay it.

mikeslemonade3104d ago

Dammit this is something I want. The content on regular TV just isn't that good. This should be a free feature because the profit margin xbl is making is enormous.

darthv723104d ago

i know sky is available as part of live in europe. I recall them once talking about how the 360 could be used as a dvr. If they do decide to go forward with the tv thing then it could be neat.

Dangert...that game you are thinking of is called joy ride. I been wondering where it is myself. Both joy ride and modnation racers were sort of announced at the same time. Since then modnation has had a beta and joy ride went silent.

i'd like to see other games added to the primetime channel. 1v100 is fun but now we need more.

avengers19783104d ago

If they do this they will charge more for it. They already said that it will either be a part of the "Platinum Service" if they do it, or charge a seperate fee for it.
But everyone that currently pays for xbl probably wouldn't mind paying a little more for this feature.
Also they are raising the price anyway, some say to 100 bucks a year for gold membership.

DaTruth3104d ago

If people pay for cross-game chat, something they can do on their telephone, they will pay for TV channels, something they can find on their TV!

atticus143104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

after reading the article this isnt anything great... Anything good would cost them too much bandwith, this is just yet another way to make people pay for things that are free. This will be nothing more then podcast like content served up from a glossy button. If you want to be cheap go buy an OTA antenna and get much more for your money. If you want a sampling of what G4TV content would be like on this service, go to their website and d/l their video podcasts - or D/L tversity and have it do it for you and stream it to your box.

and anyways, I have an Xbox but never used the Hulu app (or whatever it is) but wouldn't that already be a much better service, unless its gimped on xbox ?(I stream it from PC to TV but very rarely).

But alas ladies and gents this is nothing more then breaking grounds for an xbox "platinum" service that probably has an mmo like subscription model to deliver more meaty content. Which means Patcher was kinda right *gulp* but a 100 dollar card just looks nasty, but at 15 a month it looks better to the consumer, and makes MS even more then that 100/yr

Hmm maybe next gen consoles could be made as DVRs, and sold through TV companies much in the same way you can buy a 400 dollar cell phone for >100 (and eventually free) from a wireless carrier.

and a small edit: Those wanting sports games, and to that one guy who said, "I'll even pay 20" (I bet you would), the respective sports license would like to offer this comment: "LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL"

Look up NFL ticket
NBA league Pass
MLB something something

and come back down to reality.

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Mo0eY3105d ago

LOL, seriously? How about use your internet connection to watch / / any other equivalent?

$50 (or more) a year for this? Bots love the shaft.

mcnablejr3105d ago

cant live with themselves.

Cevapi883104d ago

its already $8 a month and you want to increase it by including something that is found on the net for free??

it better be optional, and like i said before...give the 360 gamers a browser and they will find all of this entertainment on their own and no fees whatsoever

hikayu173104d ago

the last thing they want to do is put a browser on the 360 . why ? it would render facebook , twitter , xbl and the radio thingy they have obsolete . it's no different than shooting themselves in the foot .

Cevapi883104d ago

so you do understand how dumb they sounded when they said facebook integration with the 360 is the greatest thing ever...they advertised this all over E3...if they came out with a browser i would have been more impressed...but its all about making a profit in the end i guess

and plus coming from a company that specialzes in computer software, they could actually make it much smoother and faster than it is on the PS3 since that isn't Sony's expertise

1Victor3105d ago

Patch man finally got one right
now waiting for the news that hell froze over


Msnbc, NBC, and g4tv and you and bill gates already got them.

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