Rumor: Upcoming Silent Hill to be an FPS

If there was one genre in video games today that I would label as overcrowding the market, it'd probably be the FPS. So you can imagine how excited I was to hear that Silent Hill, known for it's third person survival horror, might be joining the crowd.

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saint_john_paul_ii3105d ago

epic fail, unless its unique, i dont care about it anymore.

logichurtsfanboys3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I don't see how it could be unique to be honest. The FPS genre is so over done. I was thinking about what someone could do with a FPS to be innovative, I honestly couldn't think of anything. But I guess that's what happens when FPS' are the best selling genre available. Everyone wants to try their hand at making one in the hopes of having the success that others have had. Kind of sad though, I think a new FPS has been announced every week this month(if this is true). Getting tired of all of them....

Kratos Spartan3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

You can't think of anything? So that means all hope is lost? Your just one person, just because you can't doesn't mean others can't or won't. And it's probably why you're not a developer. The irony of your name, cuz that logic isn't very creative.

logichurtsfanboys3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

OK then Kratos, what can you think of, huh? Seriously, if something new could be done with a FPS, don't you think we'd have seen it by now? I mean since by your logic developers are suppose to be super creative, right?(not saying most aren't, but when it comes to FPS, what else can be done?) So why haven't they thought of anything new to do for what IMO is a completely over done genre? There hasn't been anything ground breaking in a FPS for years. So again, why haven't developers done anything new?

Edit: Also, I'm not saying they couldn't think of something new. I'm saying I(BIG emphasis on I) couldn't think of something new. So how does that translate to developers not being able to???

thereapersson3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Is in Fatal Frame, where you take pictures of the spirits.

I am beginning to hate videogaming as a mainstream activity, thanks to stories such as this. Where's the originality? The integrity? Too much fanboyism, watered down franchises, publishers raping the sh1t out of their customers, and other such crap that is prospering.

It's really sad...

raztad3105d ago

If this rumor holds any true I can understand what the devels are aiming for:IMMERSION. Nothing is more immersive than FP perspective. That doesnt mean they would be turning SH to another FEAR game, but using FP perspective while preventing you to get overpowered (ie mostly bare hands or with meele weapons, few and far inbetween guns, low ammo stock) could be a very refreshing change.

execution173105d ago

lol had some pretty scary moments, hear howling from all directions then BOOM your surrounded with 5 beasts, although not perfect it provided me with some scares

Syaz13105d ago

yeah, just managed to play the game for about 30 mins, the intro level managed to make me jump lol. a soldier told me to stay calm and not shoot the mutants, but one of the stray mutant creeped me out, i started shooting, then it becomes a sh*tstorm.

NaiNaiNai3105d ago


that fact you can't think of something means squat.

Since people are paid to think of things.

JsonHenry3105d ago

If they do it like "Condemned" with more hand to hand combat then I could see how this might work. Otherwise FAIL.

logichurtsfanboys3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Again, where in the heck in either of my comments did I imply that other people wouldn't be able to think of something? I said I(again BIG emphasis on I) could not think of anything. How the hell does that translate into others not being able to!?

Edit: People on this site really like taking things out of context, huh?

avengers19783104d ago

You know they need to do something with this series, but turning it into an FPS is not the way to go, there are tons of FPS games out, and coming out. I think they should focus on making a great horror game, and try to make it avalible for all systems, then they might see that they don't need to make it an shooter.

hihosilver3104d ago

thats it just fail, im tired of the shooting genre

NaiNaiNai3104d ago

and thats what I said, what ever you think means squat since people are actually paid to do it.

other words. SOME ONE WILL FIND A WAY!!!!


FragGen3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

For what it's worth, aside from a couple of out of body experiences, I've experienced the vast majority of my life through a first person perspective and have experienced a wide variety of novel and interesting things this way.

I'd daresay that almost anything that can be experienced visually by a human being can be realized via a first person perspective. So, really the sky's the limit in terms of original ideas. You guys need to look on the bright side.

bakasora3104d ago

The video game industry has gone bad!
Everybody just wants a piece from the pie, they want to make quick bucks!!
And Fans will be the one suffering.

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ClownBelt3105d ago

Great idea. How about changing Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Tales series and pretty much every game into an FPS? /s

What a load of bs. This gen suck.

RosoTron363105d ago

oh man. it sucks Hard!! lmao... I'm laughing, but the tears are there.. D:

ElementX3105d ago

If it sux so bad, go back to last gen.

Aphe3105d ago

Yeah we've only had some of the best games ever made this gen, it really sucks, I see your point.


mantisimo3105d ago


all I want for christmas is James from SH2 to have a sequel where he is dragged back to the hill to find pyramid head eating his new family or something.

What next a team ico fps well then I would sell my consoles and start reading national geographic instead.

I cannot play and have seriously tried but do not like FPS games but I do love SHill games and the indie stuff etc, have them all, play them regularly (well 2 and 3 and homecomeing)there is a market for us non FPSers so please don't sell us out I don't like em I will not buy em!

yakuzakazuya3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Konami should give an option toggle between 3rd or 1st person view like in Siren: Blood Curse. That'd be great.

hoolesy3105d ago

...QUALITY. Ok ok we've had Silent Hill since 1608 but think about it. This is taking one of the most terrifying universe and entirely removing the annoyance/concerns over [email protected] camera angles. Think about Silent Hill in First Person eyes; to me that's one scary and immersive experience. Re-visit Silent Hill 1 or 2. Bring back that terrifying war siren. I AM UP FOR THIS!!!! Anyone with me?

Snoogins3105d ago

This is a terrible idea. Almost as bad an idea as Konami seeking Western developers to develop their games in the first place.

I don't know what it is with Japan this generation, but they are ruining most of their best franchises (RE, DMC, Silent Hill, Bionic Commando, etc.)