MGS: Peace Walker Development Time Revealed

Game development takes a lot of time and constant dedication from the development team. Kojima's team is among the best at this concept and has proven time and time again they can craft some amazing titles. Hideo Kojima has shared how long the development time of Peace Walker was for the PSP.

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SolidMGSnake3105d ago

1 yr of real development? Imagine having a mgs game every year.

Neo6043105d ago

they can draw one character a day.

Speak2theHand3104d ago

And i am sure half of it is cutscenes......One of the best, please.

Redempteur3104d ago

not really... The mgs team is just accustomed to their work .. ( they all had already a precise idea of what to do )

they already knew the console ( portable ops ) i'm pretty sure it's a lot easier when you're into familiar territory

MasFlowKiller3104d ago

it might sound short but they did have the portable ops engine
which is one of the best psp engines.

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