Amazon adds $10 credit to Crackdown 2 pre-order

Infatuatetd Gamer: Amazon is giving away $10 Video Games Credit for those who pre-order the Xbox 360 exclusive game on their website.

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mjolliffe3105d ago

Awesomeness, once again. Thanks Amazon!

Method3105d ago

Amazon is on a roll lately. As long as they offer the street date pre-order guarantee with free shipping there is no reason to pre-order from anywhere else.

ceedubya93105d ago

Has some of the best deals around. Its hard not to preorder from them when you almost always get 10-20 game dollars in your account. Gamestop needs to step it up.

HungPHAT3105d ago

Amazon is the only place I buy games from ! GameStop will never see my money again '

snakebite363105d ago

just the type of article I was looking for. Which website is the best one to pre-order games from? I've only ever preordered a game once from amazon, but canceled it because it said it would get to me 2-3 weeks after the release date. Is there a website that gets the game to you within a week of the release date?

Gamer7l3105d ago

That is just their "legal" statement of policy. The reality is, MOST major releases have next-day or even release-day delivery available.

Considering I only bother pre-ordering blockbuster/AAA titles, my Amazon games ALWAYS get to me on release day. The gift cards ALWAYS show up in my account the same day as well.

Here's what I love about buying from Amazon, vs. brick-n-mortar:

- They almost always have the cheapest prices
- No sales tax
- There's usually a nice bonus with pre-orders
- All major releases get the $10-$20 gift card treatment
- Game trades get you more $$ than GameStop....and shpg is FREE.
- If you're a regular on Amazon, like myself, you can get FREE SHPG on ALL your games, by getting Amazon Prime. I think it's $80/yr, but I buy so much off Amazon (vitamins, electronics, books, etc.) that it SAVES me a few hundred $$ a year. I got a Nordic Trak Elliptical that weighs about 200 lbs., and cost $400....and shpg was FREE, with Prime. That would have cost another $25-$40 anywhere else.

Bottom line: Amazon is freakin' awesome (and I work for GameStop, LOL)

snakebite363105d ago

Ok, thanks for the info. Time to preorder some games :)