MGS: Peace Walker is 30-40 Hours of Gaming Perfection

This week's Famitsu reviews include a perfect score for Kojima's latest masterpiece, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and also reveals that the story is indeed 30-40 hours long.

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tavo11173492d ago

OMG, I'd really like to have a PSP now.

Jamie Foxx3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

But ubisoft should be ashamed.

Neo6043492d ago

I got the pspgo and can't wait.

Anorexorcist3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

and that is why Konami needs to get going on porting Peace Walker to the PS3 by way of the PSN and remastering it in HD...

...Like Now!!!!!

ThanatosDMC3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Jamie, do we need to add how long the other multiplayer aspects of the game besides the campaign/sp of the game? Oh yeah, replay value too.

I just bought a Go so now i have my original fat, a 2000, and now this shiny little Go. I hope it's available on PSN upon release.

Jamie Foxx3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

The 30-40 hour mark.....that's what's DISGRACEFUL

For a game that's been in development for soo long to have a 5hour campaign then basically its stealthy RIVAL comes out on UMD with a 30-40 hour SINGLE campaign hell yeh ubisoft should be embarrassed, this has nothing to do with 360/ps3 as much as fanboys would love it to be,this is to do with developers taking the piss out of gamers...simple

Rock Bottom3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Kojima is now the third designer ever to have two games receiving a perfect score from famitsu, the other two being Yasumi Matsuno(Vagrant Story/FFXII) and Miyamota (Zelda:OoT/Zelda:WW).

Also MGS is now the second series to have two games on the perfect famitsu scores list.

raztad3492d ago

"Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is set to hit North American shores on June 8, 2010."

Starting Jun 8 I'm taking a break from my PS3. MGS:PW you will be mine.

I hope pirates give the PSP and this masterpiece a break and buy, for a change, this game.

execution173492d ago

help kill the time when i do my internship this summer

vhero3492d ago

A real MGS game made by Kojima himself for fans you cannot go wrong with this game.. Especially if its 30-40 hours.. No wonder scores are so high..

avengers19783492d ago

That's impressive for a umd. Most console games are less than 20 hrs now a days, so no matter what you think, you have to admit 30 to 40 hrs of game play on the psp is pretty damn good.

Speak2theHand3492d ago

That includes sitting through 25 hours of cutscenes.

rezzah3492d ago

Your better off with you head up your ass...Stay hidden.


Buy the Game.

And Emulate the Game in your PC.

There are Emulators for PSP.

catguykyou3492d ago

The games controls are horrible sadly. I wish they would just allow you to play the game from the PS3. I don't care if the graphics are still psp quality.

Cerebellum3492d ago

"Your better off with you head up your ass...Stay hidden."

Or better yet, speak2thehand is better off staying hidden under a cardboard box with nothing more than a little peephole...or a old oil

gamingisnotacrime3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

that is too harsh, but sooo true

Kojima delivers... on a umd!!!! lol

N4BmpS3492d ago

Wow 30-40 hrs? Please I hope MGS: Rising is this long and not annoying. This makes me wanna buy PSP for real.

JackBNimble3492d ago

And how much of that 30-40 hours is actual game play?

DaTruth3492d ago

The Go is worth it on the pause function alone. I can pause the game and play music, watch videos and even play another game; Then, jump back into the game exactly where I was.

duplissi3492d ago


hah! thats a cute attempt at trolling....

even if the game is half cutscenes it STILL would have 4 TIMES the gameplay of 90% of the games out now on CONSOLES!.....

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Acquiesc33492d ago

Definitely much longer than your usual MGS game - I'd say that's a good thing though.

theEnemy3492d ago

My first playthrough of MGS4 = 25 hours.

Then the big boss emblem run = 4 hours game time, 40 hours of real life game time. damn hard. :(

Eamon3492d ago

Yeah, I finished MGS4 in 20 hours.

Unless this article means 30-40 hours in the hardest difficulty, this is quite impressive.

Lirky3492d ago

and wrists.. amazing game itll be but the downsides of portable gaming.

Jamie Foxx3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I think kojima really messed up not puttin this on ps3,great game as this is I would have loved to have seen this in HD in all its splendor,not to mention the ps3s install base is much greater since mgs4

catguykyou3491d ago

I just want to play it with the PS3 controller. I do not like using face buttons to control the camera.

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worm20103492d ago

looks like i'm getting a psp

Mo0eY3492d ago

Poor Splinter Cell... outdone by a UMD 8 times over, LOL.

Cry moar bots.

Michael-Jackson3492d ago

and SCC stealth mechanics are poor and dumb down, you can't even drag bodys!

NeutralGamer3492d ago

Splinter Cell: Conviction = 5 hour singleplayer + 3 hours COOP story
God of War III = 8-10 hour

Both owned by MGS: Peace Walker UMD. Both great games. Difference? One on Ps3, one on Xbox 360...

But I guess you fanboys cant take the truth and gonna give me alot disagrees now?

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The story is too old to be commented.