AusGamers - The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Review


Being the seventh title in a long running series brings a certain air of heritage and prestige to the latest Settlers game. The Settlers series has been around for quite a long time and has always focussed on medieval era city building, economy and some light warfare. Although it never reached the popularity height of other strategy/simulation fare like Civilization, the series has always provided solid gameplay and its own unique spin on the real-time strategy/simulation genre. Settlers 7 follows suit, with a fantasy/renaissance period setting, coupled with familiar gameplay centred on a deep and thorough economy system. It's unfortunate that most of the press surrounding its release seemed to be more interested in the copyright protection employed by publisher Ubisoft - in the form of persistent online DRM. Although not perfect by any means, Settlers 7 is a great game, one that takes the familiar concepts defined by its predecessors and uses them to provide a more refined and focussed game that will no doubt please fans and newcomers alike.

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