Are Video Games a Form of Art? Yes… and No

PSLS writes:

"If you've been reading up on your gaming news over the past few days, you've probably read Roger Ebert's latest comments on why he thinks video games are not art. In turn, you've also probably seen thatgamecompany president Kellee Santiago's rebuttal, with both sides making some excellent points. But when looking at the facts, can we really disagree with Roger Ebert?"

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LastDance3103d ago

A guy who made a youtube video makes a very good point.

Interaction does not negate ART. Some of the greatest composers (who's works are considered art) have spaces in their compositions for 'improvisation'. Meaning that listeners can engage the pieces of art themselves.

So that entire argument is fruitless.

NJShadow3103d ago

That's the stance I take. When looking at games like Flower, how can you NOT consider games as art?

One game that I personally LOVED that had such a fresh take on the FPS genre was Mirror's Edge. The cityscape in that game was absolutely GORGEOUS and was definitely a form of art in my eyes, as is many, many other titles out there. (All of them, really, considering who is beholding it.)