Electric Pig - GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City Review

Electric Pig:

If you've played through the GTA 4 DLC on the Xbox 360 already, move along, there's nothing to see here – other than a perfect port. It's a solid conversion, right down to the motion control support for the PS3's Sixaxis controller. Both parts, The Lost And Damned, and The Ballad Of Gay Tony, dish out a top notch storyline that casts a new light on the Grand Theft Auto 4 Liberty City setting, with the same carjack, cruise and kill routine Rockstar's already mastered. The former has you playing as Johnny Klebitz, a biker who slowly begins to feud with his former mentor and gang leader when he's released from rehab, while the latter has you take on the role of Luis Lopez, a nightclub owner with a sideline in murdering people and skydiving.

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