Nintendojo's Wii Classic Controller Pro Review

"Nintendo Wii has a lot of peripherals as it is, but try not to look at this as just another one. Instead, look at it as a do-over of a somewhat lacking, older peripheral. The Classic Controller Pro fixes a lot of what was wrong with the original Classic Controller's design, while keeping all of what was right..."

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Nu-Magician3501d ago

probably the best controler on the market today

thereapersson3501d ago

So... is that compliment to Sony, or are you just being facetious?

Nu-Magician3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

you wish. anyway, i've held a dual shock and i've held the classic controller pro and it's way more comfortable than the dual shock

you could say it's a more comfortable dual shock

hatchimatchi3501d ago

To me it's like, there are so many wii purists out there who bash controllers and claim how inaccurate dual analog is for games....Nintendo then releases a revamped version of a dual analog controller and it suddenly becomes the best thing ever.

So are controllers good or are they bad? I'm confused.

For me, I prefer dual analog over motion controls so the revamped CC is nothing but win for me.

SpoonyRedMage3501d ago

You're misunderstanding a lot of people's views there Hatchi. A lot people like the CC Pro due to the ergonomics, button placing, button size and d-pad(or that's that main benefits I see) whilst they prefer the Wiimote to Dual Analogs for shooters but for camera control unless it's pointer based it makes more sense to use an analog.

If you get what I mean....

hatchimatchi3501d ago

Yea, I know what you're saying and I wasn't trying to direct my comment towards CarmelliaAlex.

I was just trying to poke fun at the the hypocrisy of some people.

Redempteur3501d ago

i don't think it's the best on the market ...but the improvement over the normal classic controler is incredible

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hatchimatchi3501d ago

I wonder if it has the slots on the back like the original CC. I wonder what those were made for and why they were never used.

Myst3501d ago

No slots on the back, but basically it was used for stands I believe? Though from the 6 hours that I have played with it the controller is really nice! A lot better than my classic controller (original)

hatchimatchi3501d ago

yea, it does look like a much better version of the original CC. I enjoy the original but it's not easy on hands for long game sessions. It's too small.

I'll be picking one up soon.

wampdog293499d ago

The slots are not there on the Pro version. On the original Classic Controller, the slots were supposed to be meant for the Wii Remote to clip into, but the design changed and wouldn't allow for them to clip together anymore. I believe the Classic Controller, being as simple in design as it is, was finished before the final WIi Remote design, so they just simply left it like that since it was probably already in production.

seven2svn3501d ago

Never had the original CC. I have the Nyco wing:


But I must admit, the CC is a nice looking controller.

Shnazzyone3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

It's essentially a ps controller only shaped for comfort not style, with the best d-pad ever and logically spaced buttons. Though i do have trouble saying it's anything like a ps controller since the ps controller is just an snes controller with two clicky sticks and an extra set of shoulder buttons.

Deal with it. It kicks total ass.

wampdog293499d ago

I agree. I hate it when people try and say that because a Nintendo controller copies off of a PS controller, that it shouldn't be liked.... meanwhile originally, the PS controllers were the copiers.

PirateThom3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

The PS controller was based on the SNES controller because the PS was meant to be a SNES CD add on.

wampdog293498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

You're a little off Pirate... The PS that went on to sale to the public is NOT the same PS that would have been the add on. There were a few different designs including one design that was to be made with Phillips (along with another add on that was solely Phillips and Nintendo made). I believe there were 3 different designs with Sony involved and even a Sony console that wasn't an add on, but rather their own CD console that could also play SNES games.

The fact that you bring up that Sony and Nintendo were working on an add-on to the SNES, this is why the PS controller looks like the SNES controller, doesn't make sense. An add-on doesn't need a controller because it is just that, an add on to the main console. This means that the same controller would be used.

You can't even try and argue that the Sony developed console that played SNES games would have used their own controller, because it was said to use only the SNES controller.


AnotherGamerUser3501d ago

Beautiful controller and very comfortable to hold unlike the bulky 360 pad which causes cramps after 30 minutes of use.

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