Japanese Poll: Only 8% Will Definitely Buy A Nintendo 3DS

The general public has yet to see the upcoming 3D-glasses-free Nintendo 3DS. It will be playable sometime this year. Exciting, no? Well, not to some folks in Japan.

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Natsu X FairyTail3104d ago

yeah right. When that thing will be near it's release date they'll all be in line tryna get it 1st.

qface643104d ago

yeah i don't think 1000 polled people = all of japan

8% said for sure
54% said they are interested

schlanz3102d ago

Actually 1000 is a very decent sample size as long as it was random.

But honestly, this is something people are naturally skeptical about since they haven't really experienced it.

I'm 100% sure that once people see this thing in action, the percentage of people "definitely buying" will be closer to 75%.

azazin3103d ago

Well obviously it's only 8% at this time,
the Nintendo 3DS hasn't properly being shown, e.g. the actual console itself and how the 3D without features work.

Pointless article.