Halo Reach Marketing To Be 'Much More Grandiose' Than ODST's

Microsoft launched a major marketing blitz for last year's Halo 3: ODST, but Bungie community director Brian Jarrard said to expect marketing on an even grander scale for the upcoming Halo Reach.

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Chaostar3155d ago

Does it really need more hype? It's not like people don't know about Halo, this game is gonna sell wether its great or rubbish. However I can't argue that saturating the consumer in a barrage of product images does have that 'brainwash' effect and nobody does it better than microsoft, well maybe those accident at work people :P or...


(maybe only the British people will get that joke, not sure it aired elsewhere)

-Alpha3154d ago

HAHAHA, Genius.

Yeah, Reach will sell regardless. But that's not a bad thing, it is a quality franchise and Bungie treats the biz like fine art.

Much better than what IW does.

Also, this is such an obvious fact (the title), that it doesn't have to be said really.

hamoor3154d ago

sooo not true
in fact no crappy game sells a lot of copies
sure you gonna say mw2 and some random wii games but actually
mw2 appeals casual gamers and they like it because its too easy and noob friendly
and wii sport and just dance etc. appeals to kids and they liked it
so if crappy games sells a lot then we will see rogue warrior and too human on the top charts

Nicholas Cage3154d ago

cant dismiss the ads in cereal boxes nickelodeon, and hanna montana concerts. they will advertise the hell out of this game u watch.

ChozenWoan3154d ago

Instead of a 1:3 development to marketing ratio they are going for a 1:6 ratio.

Enjoy the future of gaming.


AAACE53154d ago

We already have a huge fanbase... but more marketing will give us more consumers!

HolyOrangeCows3154d ago

Meaning they're going to spend more money on the marketing than on the game, again.


Meh, who am I to argue with something that seemingly works for them.

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knightdarkbox3155d ago

Biggest first person game of 2010 or maybe of this gen.


bungie have been working on this game since the release of Halo 3. ODST was nothing more than fan fair to hold people over until reach.

Halo Reach WILL be the biggest first person shooter whether you like it, or not ps3 fanboys. I for one don't, but hey, it's a big franchise of fps in this game in this days so what can I do about it.

3154d ago
-MD-3154d ago

Have you ever had somebody punch you in the face immediately after meeting them in real life Greywulf? Seems like something that would happen on a regular basis.

kevinx10003154d ago

Greywulf's comment fails in so many ways.

If i didn't have a 360 already i'd get one for this game alone.

Otheros003155d ago

Please keep the advertisement down and let the game do all the hyping and not all the advertisement, PR, FANBOYS, etc.

hamoor3154d ago

how a game hype it self? that makes no sense

Natsu X FairyTail3154d ago

How does that make any sense? How do you expect a game to hype itself? Not everybody is on N4G and gametrailers checking out game news dude.

get real. Games need advertising to sell.

Digitaldude3154d ago

The first rational thing I've seen Natsu say.

SixZeroFour3154d ago

marketing gets the word out there faster than word of mouth...its why many great games go unnoticed, because it wasnt marketed well or even at all...can you believe that some of my friends havent heard of the bad company series or even the battlefield franchise, yet boast about how awesome of a game mw2 is

not trying to say mw2 isnt good, just saying that sometimes games get more attention than other because of marketing alone...but in this case, atleast 10mil ppl already know the halo franchise, but that doesnt mean i dont want to watch the epic cgi and live action trailers they always make

littletad3154d ago

Needs advertising on some level. The more popular the franchise, the better and bigger the advertising.

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Another One3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Not surprising. It's a much bigger release than ODST.

And I love how people hate on marketing. You guys are ridiculous. lol. "Let the game do the talking". Such a ridiculous statement. Let's say some company that isn't MS doesn't put out commercials or marketing for their great game and that game doesn't sell as well as it should. Would they be stupid or did they do the right thing and "let the game do the talking"?

EDIT: The answer is, they'd be stupid. Just because it's Halo doesn't mean it should be destroyed when MS does a wonderful job marketing. Blame other games and companies who refuse to do all they could for great franchises. Marketing is key in anything like this.

aviator1893154d ago

The marketing for Halo has always been in top form and I don't think they will ever stop because they know the game will sell. Personally, I love the wonderful job Microsoft and Bungie do for their games. The T.V. spots and live-action movies are a joy to watch.

littletad3154d ago

Hope there's another sugary drink. Sure the stuff is loaded with too much sugar, but I wouldn't mind collecting it again, simply cause it's cool to. Or I'm crazy enough to drink a few cans playing the damn game.

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