AppModo: Franky's Fly Buffet Review

AppModo writes: "When I first looked at the game and saw it was made by GameSalad I was very disappointed. (Most GameSalad games are the worst on the app store.) As I started using the game though I found it was much more than a GameSalad game it it could be passed off as a regular game. The object of the game is to catch flies as they buzz around the sky. You must move your tongue to catch the flies, but the catch is you must return your tongue to the frog to get points. You may only pick up one frog at a time which is a bummer. There are also bonus flies which are gold for 5 extra points. There is a green fly which will Make Franky Bloated after time is up. This means it will start getting gassy. Last but not least is a time fly which gives you extra time(No Doubt)."

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