IGN AU: Halo: Reach Beta First Impressions

Last September's Halo 3: ODST has already delivered its fare share of fun for fans – a refreshing Master Chief-less campaign and the excellent Firefight co-op mode in particular elevated it from optional expansion to essential acquisition for Halo heads – yet arguably its most enticing attribute has been thus far both figuratively and literally out of Reach.

Come May the 4th everyone with a copy of ODST will automatically have a ticket into the Halo Reach beta.

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WildArmed3497d ago

*sniff sniff*
I wont be able to play the beta :(
Hopefully they'll give out codes too.

mikeslemonade3497d ago

God dammit I traded in my copy of ODST. It's not worth it to go buy it again. How the hell did I not know that ODST was the ticket to the Reach Beta? For some reason it was not common knowledge for me.

Munky_VIII3497d ago

It said on the front of the ODST box, and a leaflet inside :P.

Fanb0y3497d ago

I'd recommend renting ODST for a week and just playing the Beta then. Better than nothing.

WildArmed3496d ago

Great idea!

Thanks. I think i may just go and rent it for a week.

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Jamie Foxx3497d ago

I hope this is the best halo yet bungie deserve it