Top 25 Most Awesome Game Weapons

Videogame weapons, whether they're completely realistic and true to their real life counterparts or bizarre future alien technology, they can really make a game. This list isn't about the best weapon, the most impressive, the most visceral or bad-ass weapon. No this is about weapons that define the game, the weapons that pop into your head at the very mention of the game. In many ways I've limited myself, while Turok 2's Cerebral Bore is a lot of fun is it iconic? Honestly to me it's just a green mass of gibbed lizard creatures when I think about Turok, so it's not in the list.

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DJexs3497d ago

definitely a good one.

side note
Why do they always list the buster as clouds its angeals after I played cc I liked him a little less because of the fact that most of his past was present as a lie. Zack fair however is the man.

mal_tez923497d ago

I mean crobar? seriously? It doesn't function any differently to any other meleee weapon.

And no Ratchet and Clank or Resistance weapons = instant failure.

Cheeseknight283497d ago

I appreciate some of them, like the Portal Gun but... where is Ratchet and Clank and Perfect Dark?

Inside_out3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

....Lancer and Torque bow...chainsaw a guy into little pieces OR hit him with a Torque bow, watch him run, detonate and watch his head pop off and go straight up in the air 25ft....Gears 2 flamethrower and other boomer weapons....

Turok evolution ( last gen ) had some insane weapons...bow with grenade attached...double loaded shotgun, plasma rifle, poison arrow made the enemy puke and die...heck, all the weapons were awesome in that game...

GRAW 2...Redstorm did the multi-player side of showed...every weapon handles realistic...PS3 got a bad port of this game...

MW2 has some great guns...heartbeat sensor is awesome...

Splinter cell Conviction...awesome guns especially the pistol with the 4 mark n execute upgrade....

KZ2...main gun as well as flamethrower were deadly....

Half life 2 gravity gun, pistol and crow bar...

ODST...pistol and sub-machine gun....incredible precision...

COD WAW flamethrower...burn those guy's out of the tree's never got old...

Halo...all weapons were a blast...

Red faction...all weapons....

Deadspace...crazy weapons in that game...

ico923496d ago

um wheres the Cerebral Bore from Turok 2 ? wheres the Laptop Sentry Gun from Perfect Dark?

Alcon Caper3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

No Awesome Guns list is complete without it. I mean, c'mon, the land shark gun?

also the holo duke from duke 3d is awesome

jeseth3496d ago

Golden Gun : Goldeneye

Sniper Rifle & Flamethrower : KZ2

Just about any weapon !!! : Ratchet & Clank

bruddahmanmatt3496d ago

Guy is an idiot for not including the Cerebral Bore. I don't care what his excuse is, that thing was EPIC. The Farsight from PD also should have been on the list, NOT an honorable mention. And as someone else already pointed out, the Golden Gun from Goldeneye is one everybody references whenever you're playing "one hit kill" mode in any game. Finally, no Ratchet and Clank, no deal. The Groovitron easily tops some of the crappy weapons on this list.

Hideo_Kojima3496d ago

Had a hand held nuclear rocket launcher that took out half the map.

First time I shot that I saw how huge the explosion was and the shock wave hit me after a second and kill me too.

I was gobsmacked :P

Danteh3496d ago


1. Master Sword
2. Buster Sword
3. Blades of Athena
4. Ebony & Ivory
5. Red Shell (:D)

3496d ago
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disposable3497d ago

Where is Unreal Tournament's Redeemer?

foxxy3497d ago

My favorite zodiac spear.

AmericanPsycho233497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I would have to say one of my favorite weapons would have to be the Zombies from the Resident Evil Series. Or Scorpions Spear

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