Halo: Reach beta to attract 3 million-plus - Bungie

With the Halo: Reach beta less than two weeks away, Bungie is dispatching some of its 180 staffers to help promote the ambitious online multiplayer test. Community director Brian Jarrard and multiplayer design lead Chris Carney sat down with the Seattle Times to discuss the beta's May 3 launch and the lead-up to the game's debut this fall.

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Turion3497d ago

Halo was never king. That's mental.

Lionhead3497d ago

Can't wait for Reach, but don't argue with Natsu. He just gets angry lol

ukilnme3497d ago

Yes indeed, the king is back.

kaveti66163497d ago

I don't get how the Betas work. So, when gamers play the beta, how does Bungie receive info about glitches? Can Bungie view other people's games or are gamers encouraged to send Bungie messages? Or does Bungie play along with all the gamers and finds the glitches themselves?

Either way, Reach is going to be one exciting game for me. Believe it or not, I love Halo 3's visuals as it is. To me, all the maps look gorgeous and the campaign visuals were impressive. So, to hear that Reach is going to have dramatically upgraded visuals is awesome. And the new screens and gameplay look great.

Natsu X FairyTail3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

smh at you on this one. As A gamer I thought that you'd be aware that Bungie( and most Devs) have a website with a Part called FORUM where you can Talk about the many Halo titles and sometime talk with the devs themselfves when they post. They'll probably put up a Reach beta thread where people can share their thoughts about it and the.

NS3497d ago

You mean Elvis???!!! Where?.

Therealspy033497d ago

they are testing functionality. if they implement a system that doesn't agree with the whole, they'd know right away. i'm sure all those things you mentioned are being done. their whole Q&A team is probably doing nothing but playing the beta with us. they will probably set up forums as a way to report issues. they could possibly even implement something faster, like a 'report issue' option as part of the game.

plus, as i understand it, every playback is available temporarily on their servers, so they can probably reference issues right away and see them first hand.

the beta will also serve as a hype machine. especially since nearly everyone in the beta is obviously a halo player (since you need a halo game to play it). we'll get the game for 3 weeks or so and salivate all over it, then tell everyone we know, everywhere we go, how much fun it is.

...this game gonna break some records.

-Alpha3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Halo has always dominated XBL and for good reason. It's still the most actively played game when you factor in how long it's been on the market. I think Halo's multiplayer is some of the best, if not THE best on the market simply because of how much it incorporates.

Reach is like an asteroid crashing down on the market and it's easily going to be the biggest launch since #3 or MW2 in relativity to it being exclusive. It's King of MP this Gen just by statistics. Personally I've put more hours into CoD4, now that game was amazing too. However, Halo is definitely overall King of LIVE and easily the most played game this gen. 1 billion + games is really something. Of course, imagine how much a game like CounterStrike must have...

People don't have to like Halo to realize how much respect this game has gotten for its multiplayer. The fact that games today don't even do half of what Halo 3 or even Halo 2 did just goes to show you how much Bungie has put into its formula.

Mattey3497d ago

Bungie has built tools that collect data on all the games being played and all the people playing it. these tools monitor things like lines of site when spawning, heat maps of action going on, and lots of data on how the network is performing. I think if you send them a saved film of a glitch you encounter they can look at the coding of that film or w/e to see what went wrong. They also pay lots of attention to the community, listening for issues and complaints with gameplay.

Mo0eY3497d ago Show
Godmars2903497d ago

Of MS's entry into consoles and the Xbox brand.

Xi3497d ago

When you encounter a bug, you simply call up a ticket which asks you what you were doing and what the bug was.

It's like when a program crashes in windows and it asks you to file a report. It takes all the data prior to the bug and send it to bungie.

Bungie also does a lot of stat tracking, this however is more for balance issues, and design issues, like spawn placements, weapon balance, etc.

Megaton3497d ago

Had to buy ODST to get into this right? Is there any other way? Reach is the first Halo since the original to pique my interest.

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Sunny_D3497d ago

I wouldn't doubt it. It's Motherf$cking Halo!

Madis0073497d ago ShowReplies(8)
A change in the wind3497d ago

Well yeah, all you need to do is look at the ODST sales. But of course, I`m gonna have to sit here and listen to the bots scream about how millions of players somehow makes a game good.

MerkinMax3497d ago

Millions of people beta testing a game will make it good.

Dread3497d ago

just because millions of people love baseball or basketball does not make those games good, but they sure are good to the people who love them.

if you dont like halo fine, but don't try to ruin it for the people who love it please.

BloodyCHAMP3497d ago

neeed to gooooooo to your god of war threads and get over ur selves....get a life while your at it and complain somewhere else u nor ur dads own sony sooo stiking up for their a** wont get you no where...grow up....halo reach will dominate everything when it comes out and thas a fact case closed.

MerkinMax3497d ago

The amount of feedback from a Beta conducted on such a large scale will allow Bungie to make their game better. Understand what I am saying?

cyborg69713497d ago

Settle down champ. Just cause this game will finally be in HD doesn't mean it'll be any different from the rest. Oh and I think it's you who needs to grow up. I mean come on this is gonna be what the 2nd exclusive you'll have to play this year.

silverchode3497d ago Show
CernaML3497d ago Show
BloodyCHAMP3497d ago

yeye poison i wasnt referring to you, i was referring to the guy above you that comments on every 360 article like its his job....and all the other no life ps3 fanboys that are commenting cause they have nothing better to do....

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BloodyCHAMP3497d ago

thats right when this game comes out
goodbye to every other game
cause all eyes will be on HALO

Silly gameAr3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Unless you don't own a 360 dude, or not a huge Halo fan but hey I'm not going to rain on your parade.

cyborg69713497d ago

I will. Halo isn't all that, it's good but to be sooo crazy over it makes me wonder why. And the only answer I can come up with is, one it's a shooter. And two what else do you have to play besides multiplats. This is gonna be what the second exclusive for the 360 this year.

kaveti66163497d ago

I have a PS3 and I'm still looking forward to Halo more than anything else. Even more than GT5.

ASSASSYN 36o3497d ago

Well silly obviously he wasn't talking about you or who ever is not a fan.

Silly gameAr3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Well, I took his comment as no matter what game releases on any console had better watch out for the great Halo. I thought Reach was exclusive to the XBox 360, so the only games that should watch out are other XBox exclusives or multiplat games. Right?

Oh, and I didn't disagree with anyone because I can't tell you what games that you like or don't like. Everyone knows Halo will sale, but you guys act like the future of the whole gaming industry will begin and end with Halo Reach.

I just thought his comment was kind of strange so I thought I would reply.

ASSASSYN 36o3497d ago

"but you guys act like the future of the whole gaming industry will begin and end with Halo Reach."

We do? Wow I thought it was just an amazing FPS exclusive game coming to my console of choice. Now it is the one game that will some how magically end the gaming industry? Odd... I never seen anyone including myself say such things. But ok.

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