New Xenoblade trailer

Nintendo and Monolith Soft have released a new trailer for their RPG, Xenoblade.

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tunaks13200d ago

much better then the last trailer!
this one was awesome,
really looking forward to its western release

Valay3200d ago

I've got a lot of faith in Monolith Soft since they made one of my favorite games - Baten Kaitos.

RedPawn3199d ago

It does look a little better, glad they changed the name too. That last creature looked like a metallic Menos Grande.

-Mezzo-3200d ago

Looks great to be honest.

SpoonyRedMage3199d ago

Looks a lot smoother than the last trailer.

..and a big part of that is that it avoided close-ups! ha!

pcz3199d ago

The action sequences look good, with great animation. But remember, that isn't the actual gameplay footage, so when you play it, it won't be full of so much excitement.

Again, there is one thing i can't ignore about this game- the appalling graphics. They aren't deliberately trying to emulate a first generation ps2 style, they are just genuinely rubbish graphics. Do the developers have no shame? Or is their art department in a bad way? There is no excuse for those horrible graphics.