The next Yakuza game is for PSP

Famitsu reveals that the new entry of Ryu Ga Gotoku series is for the PSP.The game is referred to as "Project K".

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ClownBelt3106d ago

Wise decision. I don't think there has any Yakuza game in PSP yet.

yoshiroaka3106d ago

Yea and Yakuza tends to be a really time consuming game. I might be able to actually get 100% in a psp version by having it in my pocket to clock a 5 mins whenever i have the time.

This sounds great.

Simon_Brezhnev3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

He looks just like Yoshitaka Mine from Yakuza 3. He was my favorite character in Yakuza 3.
hopefully they find some strange way to bring him back.

ClownBelt3106d ago

Now that you mentioned it...

Who knows but this could be his story you know. Like in his younger years before he got his position.

blind-reaper3106d ago

spoilers for people who has'nt play it yet...

soljah3106d ago

you know, i can't understand why the yakuza series is not a hit in the US. yakuza 3 is fantastic and the original japanese soundtrack with sub titles gives the game a great sense of realism and btw the game is a blast to play with tons of things to do and explore.

akiraburn3106d ago

I couldn't agree more. I was dumbfounded at sites and magazines giving it low review scores. Yeah it sucked that we lost a little content, but it was still an amazing and massive game. It's been much more worth my money than many other game's I've played so far this gen, and I've quite through quite a lot of games in the past few years. It makes me concerned on how Yakuza 4 will be received when it becomes localized. All I can hope for is that Sega gets a new Western marketing team, because their current one seems to have hardly even touched Yakuza 3 or many of their other gems that aren't Sonic related.

That being said, I'm really excited for this. As long as they either provide English subs or localize it, and it's up to par with the rest of the series, I'm definitely sold day one.

ClownBelt3106d ago

" It's been much more worth my money than many other game's I've played so far this gen"

Say that again...The sheer amount of things that you can do in Yakuza 3 are just mind boggling...

There are 16 mini games and most of those mini games can be sold separately as a PSN downloadable title. I actually spend 3 fricking hours playing billiards.

George Sears3106d ago

Well when a company really doesn't have that much faith or doubtful of there own products then I'm sure it will fail. Word of mouth can do so little compared to actually promoting the game.

PoSTedUP3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

as far as america goes, america has proven to love GTA and guns and good graphics (sort of), i cant really see it as good as other games in terms of fighting also. it reminded me of an old school beat em' up (which isnt a bad thing imo because i love the old school) but im just calling it as i see it, i think there were subtitles too which is a minus (to most americans because we are lazy) i personally didnt mind bc my top two fav movies r in subtitles (city of god and apacolipto). also with that said it kind of played like a ps2 game (which i think it would be a hit on psp in america) so $65 does come into play when thinking about buying this game over so many other great games on ps3 and 360.

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Blaze9293106d ago

they pumping Yakuza games out like crazy over there at SEGA

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