The 6 greatest pot reefer-ences in gaming history

Yes it's 4/20, which, among other, less whimsical anniversaries, is the day to celebrate weed, bros! WOOOOO! As the urban legend goes, 4:20 p.m. was the time of day that high schoolers would light up after a long day of class. Ever since, it has been seen as the correct time of the day to inhale, hold your breath, exhale and follow up with pizza rolls, Facts of Life reruns, and maybe videogames. Now, we at GamesRadar would never endorse the use of any illegal product, nor would we weigh in on whether weed is simply a natural laziness-enhancer or a horrible gateway drug that leads to mainlining heroin while pimping yourself for crack. (But if you want a good argument towards legalization that also involves gaming references, give a listen to UK rapper The Streets and his song Irony of It All.)

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ThatCanadianGuy4908d ago

Narc was great.I think i still have it in the closet somewhere.
The LSD was the creepiest by far..

mikepmcc4908d ago

Most of these were subtle, like the Mass Effect one, but the MW2 ones are just stupid, I kind of despise anyone who uses those tags. Not that I play that game anymore though anyways..

KingKiff4908d ago

And as someone who smokes weed like it's going out of fashion I wonder why they included "dope" tags in this game...

Either alot of IW staff are stoners or they want to legalise it...

I think it hurts weeds status having it thrown in willy nilly like this.

mikepmcc4908d ago

Yeah, they're just trying to market it to the majority of the call of duty audience, ie- preteens who think it's "cool" to pretend that they smoke. No need to flaunt it IMO.

Absolut_Turkey4908d ago

Bubbles to the both of you. Mikepmcc nailed it on the head when he said, "No need to flaunt it".

KingKiff4908d ago

It is something I try to keep quite in the real world lol.

Got to love the anonymity the Internet though.

It is immature for a devs to add these things in with out any thought of how they may influence young impressionable minds.

Pot is for adults who make the choice to use it, it should not be instilled as something that is cool in our youth. If you don't have a life set up already then pot will hold back a young persons chances in life.

vickers5004908d ago

But haven't you heard Absolut_Turkey? It makes them sooo cool!

Obvious /s

AliTheBrit194908d ago

I agree, I instantly despise anyone who has them in there callsigns.

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ravenl0rd4908d ago

I'd like to play a game where the object is to punch stoners in the face. Drugs are bad.

bjornbear4908d ago

i'd punch you back twice as hard ;)

Absolut_Turkey4908d ago

So let me get this straight...(sigh)...drugs are bad, but assault and battery is acceptable? Wow! Tell me more about your warped sense of values.
You know what? I'm sorry you're right. I'm pretty sure Jesus said that it was okay to hurt other people that did things that you didn't agree with. /s

KingKiff4908d ago

Did your parents wrap you in bubble wrap as a child??? experiment with life mate, not just drugs either...

You need to open your mind.

mikepmcc4908d ago


Bubbles back for using logic to achieve win.

kaveti66164908d ago

I used to think weed was bad. But it's not. All things are good in moderation, friends. Except punching people. Punching people is lame.

DelbertGrady4908d ago

Punching people is f*cking awesome, if it's inside a ring and you're both ok with it.

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RockmanII74908d ago

I smoked pot once. Afterwards I became really good at video games

SmashBrawler1014908d ago

lol Same here! I was playing Brawl while stoned off my ass one day, and was very successful at a level in SSE that I'm normally terrible at. And I don't know if it's just me, but the music REALLY draws you in if you're high.

Absolut_Turkey4908d ago

I enjoy playing video games high, but not FPS. Delayed reaction time is not always a good thing.

BYE4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

was in the horror game "The Suffering". Anyone remember this?

Out of nowhere, there was a baked Russian dude sitting in an abandoned house and talking random bulls*it. It totally cracked me up.

Definitely one of the funniest gaming moments ever.