New subscription plan introduced to EverQuest II

Sony Online Entertainment has introduced a new type of subscription for its MMORPG EverQuest II.

The new subscription type, called "Passport," costs $5.00. It grants players any 3 consecutive days during a 30-day month to play EQII with full-access. Playing beyond those three days requires a full monthly subscription.

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Demonsdown3195d ago

Sounds like a ripoff to me pay 1/3 of the sub and only get 1/10 of the full sub time.

Elven63195d ago

A full subscription is $15 isn't it? If that's the case, I agree! Most MMO companies give inactive or canceled account users a week of the MMO for free, not a 3 day trial for $5!

BRG90003195d ago

It's not really meant to be a 3-day trial. The article goes on to say it is intended for multiboxing, raiding on an alt, etc. Or if you can only play now and then and the full subscription isn't worth it.

Cueil3194d ago

maybe I want to jump back into EQ2 and see how things have gone... I don't nessarrily want to pay 15 bucks up front for the peek

eggbert3195d ago

people still play this?

ZombieAutopsy3195d ago

Remember its EverCRACK, once you start you'd kill your own mother for a little more.

Bolts3195d ago

Evercrack applies to Everquest, it doesn't apply to Everquest 2, and certainly not in this day and age when the franchise's luster is but a distance memory.

In other words, SOE drove yet another MMO franchise into the ground and left it to rust. These guys are expert fail artists. How else would you explain the state of once indomitable brands like Everquest and Starwars Galaxy other than piss poor management?

GIJeff3195d ago

people still play it because some people know its a much better game than wow. :-)

Cueil3194d ago

it's actually pretty nice with a low number of idiots

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3194d ago

Everquest lost its steam years ago, WOW is next.

Saryk3194d ago

First let me say that EQ2 is a very good game, just because it doesn’t have 50 million people playing it, doesn’t make it bad. I prefer Lord of the Rings, but I am subbed to both games currently.

The $5.00 for 3 days is awesome, especially for my nephew who is in college and only gets to play one weekend a month. I think SOE is thinking outside the box on this topic. I hope to see other companies do different things for people with less time on their hands.