OXCGN nerds it up at Supanova Pop Culture Expo


"For those of you who aren't aware of Supanova, it is a nationwide expo concerning all things 'geeky'.

From international guest speakers to cosplayers, this event is catered to those of us with a nerdy disposition, or just a love of this thing we call pop culture, which includes gaming."

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BadCircuit3502d ago

I would have loved to be there and see all the Star Wars people!

gaminoz3502d ago

I remember when Sci Fi and anime was the big thing at these events but it looks like gaming is making an impact too now. I wonder if there were any Master Chiefs running around?

DoctorQ3501d ago

i didn't see one, but thats not to say there wasn't one

XboxOZ3603501d ago

Some fans go to 'extreme' lengths with these events, almost fanatically so.

But it great to see such enthusiasm, and the fact that Australians are willing to embrace such events . . .

Looks great actually, but hey, one can not be in two places at the same time, although, it would be great if one could be. heheheh ;-)

Belgavion3501d ago

These pop culture expos have come a long way. I remember going to 'OzCon' in the mid 90's in Melbourne and there was no-one there

XboxOZ3603501d ago

Well I hope some of our guys get to the Sydney one . . it should be great. Might even see if we can nab a Master Chief outfit for someone willing to wear it for the day . . . hmmm.