The Best Games of Q1, 2010.

Gamer Limit writes "I'm still somewhat in a state of disbelief at the sort of quality 2010 has imbued upon us. Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain, Battlefield: Bad Company 2..."

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GrahameG3498d ago

Splinter Cell and GOW3 - My two fave games of 2010 so far. :)

3498d ago
Bathyj3498d ago

I'm loving Splinter Cell. Its exactly my style of gameplay. I'll stalk a guard for 10 minutes if I have to before taking him out. I like to be sure I'll get away with it. And you guys wonder why I love Tenchu so much.

Even though it criminally short and I dont play online, the Deniable Ops missions are great with different layouts each time and the promise of more maps to come is awesome.

About time they gave single player gamers some DLC instead of everything being MP map packs all the time.

Dee_913498d ago

1.God of War
3.Mass effect ( even tho my xbox keep freezing on me )
4.Heavy Rain
i rented mass efect and battlefield because i dont have live and battlefield got too easy for me.I was rank 27 with only 2 weeks of playing online

ryano232773498d ago

My favourites from Q1:

1. MAG
2. Heavy Rain
3. GOW3
4. BFBC2

Still need to play the original Mass Effect before I play ME2

Mista T3498d ago

I'll go as far as to saying Mass Effect 2 is arguably the best game this generation, great first quarter

Ninja-Sama3498d ago

FFXIII does not belong in that list. If you want a real RPG, play Mass Effect 2, possibly the best game this gen along with Uncharted 2.

Bolts3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

After a few hours with FFXIII I was totally shocked and awed at how incredibly gay and stocked to the brim with melodramatic emo BS it is. I mean, Japan, you can't be serious!? My god, the game is filled with completely moronic dialogs like "moms are tough" and "don't worry, your hero is here!" lines, and WTF is up the perky preteens and little kids being tasked to save the world. LMAO!! Whats even more funny as how characters react to combat situations. Lighting would be the matrix chick while that dumb biatch Vanille seems to be perpetually perky like she's about to pick up some shoes at the mall. And thats after she watched Hope's mom died right in front of his eyes. HAHAHAHA!!

If this game is the essence of what a JRPG is, then good luck toppling Mass Effect 2 and Fallout 3.

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JQ3498d ago

Not sure FFXIII belongs on that list.

Ziriux3498d ago

Of course it does it was a huge release dude.

DarkTower8053498d ago

Are you serious!!! FFXIII outsold every other title this year. I don't like the game either, but don't underestimate its fanbase and huge selling power.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3498d ago

Because with everything in media, High Sales = High Quality

Twilight says hi.

Sitris3498d ago

but the general public are in love with it. Just like Cod:MW2, everyone here bags the crap out of it, whilst the general public actually play and enjoy it daily. Just because you think it was downplayed to work on 360 does not mean it is a crap game. It is a fantastic RPG that is giving me nearly 100 hours of continuous fun.

gamelova3498d ago

I agree sitris. I am a ps3 fanboy at heart, and it is the best system to own. However, this site is full of bias. Had FFXIII been an exclusive, the community here would be praising the game.

FFXIII definitely deserves to be on this list, but the winner goes to GOW3 for the best game so far this year

k2d3497d ago

don't underestimate the power of Fail!
FFXIII doesn't hold a high star with the FF-fan base.

Coolmanrico3497d ago

@SilentShank - Unlike Twilight, rather you hate it or not, Final Fantasy XIII is a high quailty game.

@K2d - Please, you can't easily speak for the FF fanbase, the FF base it self is divided. Some fans disliked XIII, other love it. Some love XII and other dispided it with passion. Ask a fan what where there favorite Final Fantasy, Majority would say 7 or 8, some would go lower, some would go higher.

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thedoctor3498d ago

It has to be Mass Effect 2 for me. Multiple bone-buddies ftfw.

Mista T3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game of this generation, it puts all other games that have come out this gen to shame.

I'm surprised with myself, that was a pretty bold statement but true IMO

I'll be buying ME3 Limited Edition on day 1 when it comes out next year or a couple of years

Jorrel563498d ago

Mass Effect 2 is my personal best of Q1. Most disappointed in Heavy Rain and FF13.

Ziriux3498d ago

Shoot totally forgot about that. I knew you had a lot in that bold head of yours.

Ziriux3498d ago

God of War 3, puts them all to shame.

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