New Details Revealed About The Witcher 2

Speaking with The Escapist, CD Projekt Red's Tomasz Gop has revealed a few interesting details about The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Timed-combat is no more, alchemy is optionally simplified and the sexual encounters will have more class.

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thetamer3102d ago

Sexual encounters?! Is everyone taking BioWare's lead?

Maticus3102d ago

No complaints from me, a girl gamer. I think it adds something extra to games.

AndyA3102d ago

"sexual encounters will have more class" - I doubt that.

Fyzzu3102d ago

Okay, I'm intrigued by the combat. I'm sort of disappointed by the lack of collectable cards, though. Yes, it was cheesy and awful in the first game, but it made it gave the less serious parts of the game a nice tongue-in-cheek feel.

That said, considering how hard-hitting some plot twists and moral choices were even *with* that air...

Dorjan3102d ago

It seems like a good thing to remove "timing based combat" in favour of other styles. So it isn't a guitar hero with swords :lol: