Analyst: Apple Could Be Weighing AMD Acquisition

Rumors and leaks are a regular feature of Apple-watching, and there's usually some substance behind a fair number of them. One currently making the rounds is that Apple could be ditching Intel in favor of AMD processors. Analyst Rob Enderle took the supposing one step further, suggesting that Apple might even be considering acquisition of AMD in order bolster its ability to make its own processors in-house.

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darthv723497d ago

thinking back in the day, apple used ati graphics in almost all their macs. Ati gets aquired by AMD and now apple would not only get amd chips but also back with ati graphics.

Apple could get amd to refine the cpu for the os and amd can get apple to refine the os for the cpu.

Noctis Aftermath3497d ago

I would much rather they didn't, they will probably raise the prices across the board on all AMD and ATI products.

Lich1203497d ago

As an advocate of ATI graphics cards (AMD processors to a lesser extent) and someone who thinks apple products are silly I really don't want to see this happen.

I don't care if apple uses ATI's products, but buying them out is a whole different story. I mean, who wouldn't want a iRadeon? Now with twice the cost and no DirectX support!

darkmurder3497d ago

Great so your going to turn a bang for your buck product into an overpriced gimmicky 'cool' product assuming this happens. Yeah no thanks...

IdleLeeSiuLung3497d ago

This would be really bad. Intel's only CPU competitor going to a company that thrives on making their product trendy and over priced. Nothing wrong with that, but just don't pollute the cpu market.

crck3497d ago

I welcome the acquisition but only because I have AMD stock. However I would definitely stop buying AMD products if it happened. Apple buying AMD would probably spell the end of cheap quad core processors for the masses.

JsonHenry3497d ago

I'll never buy AMD/ATi ever again if this happens. Mostly because I won't be able to afford more $$ for the Apple name.

Cueil3497d ago

@OP those were my exact words when I read the title

dragunrising3497d ago

No one has mentioned yet the effect this deal could have on the future Xbox. Ati, owned by AMD, manufactures (created the architecture?) the GPU of the 360 currently. If Apple buys AMD, Microsoft may be forced to use Nvidia as their future GPU. Either that or Apple will create their own console...

krauler3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )


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TOO PAWNED3497d ago

could be amazing move by apple if true

MarshallXDTeach3497d ago

I'd like to think of it as a move that could benefit the Mac in terms of gaming possibilities. Though I heard through the grapevine that AMD still relies on Intel in some sort of way(take this as clear speculation though). If they did pick up the company AMD, I wonder if Apple would keep producing AMD products for the gaming community…I know I would with the latest earnings report that came out for AMD.

Letros3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Would have been a great move back when AMD introduced the first x64 processors.

Now I believe this would just be a move to obtain cheaper hardware, and still charge the same amount of money.

I don't think they will removed all Intel based systems, triple channel DDR3 is currently only available for Intel based systems and it is vastly superior for professional media, seems to be the only real reason to have to own a Mac.

I doubt it has anything to do with gaming, that problem lies with 99% of games being coded in DirectX API, Mac would have to use OpenGL.

respn3497d ago

Apple keep your bright rave colored hands away from AMD. You only want to rape and charge us for it.

XxRoosterxX3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Apple is turning into Microsoft.

People just love Apple too much to realize it.

bjornbear3497d ago

when their products repeatedly fail and are rushed out

but so far that has not been the case

they may be expensive, they may be flashy and limited somewhat, but they are of quality, thats what seperates them from MS

otherwise, they are pretty close

RagTagBnd4453497d ago

I would take a microsoft product over an apple product any day (not talking about consoles). I also thinks Windows 7 is far superior to any apple OS. Anyways i don't want all the restrictions Apple put in their products.

Cueil3497d ago

how quickly people seem to forget the crappy battery for what the first three generations of the iPod or that iTunes was a mess until Zune software showed them that Pictures are indeed greater than spread sheets(and it still a messy piece of software)

matey3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

No they dont not 1 of my friends have an apple product were aged 28-30 so maybe its for kids that like gadgets but there is 1 thing that apple will never have and thats 1st party developers or in house devs to make insane games like nintendo or even sony they have developers at nintendo that are so talented they get praised for having hollywood quality games 95% average for all nintendo games on metacritic no other company can say that and at the end of the day if nintendo go with FUSION tech in the wii 2 it will be able to do in game CGI graphics as well as directx 11 so along with the talented developers its endless what could happen in game design for wii2 i mean even with this wii the games like mario galaxy 2 ect are too good no apple game will ever come close to that quality nintendo have devs that have worked for them since they were 18 years old now there 45-55 years old some alot younger but thats the experience nintendo have and with making sora productions an in house developer will make things even better but apple could buy all they want nintendo quality is hard to come by

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MetalFreakMike3497d ago

I do not like Apple at all! If they buy AMD then I will be stuck buying Intel products again! I am hoping this will never happen!

I do not care for Intel at all. They can keep their one grand 6 core processors to themselves. I'll wait for AMD to bring a cheaper and just as good processor out for less then half the price.

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