Get Biblical With Call of Duty

Brittany "Molotov Cupcake" Vincent of Spawn Kill discovered some surprising advertisements for a local church featuring none other than Call of Duty. Did they even think that through?

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K-Tuck4206d ago

Praise be to the headshots

rrquinta4206d ago

I would say they're making a pun on "Call to Duty" as in Duty to serve God, but the shot of the guy with the machine gun sort of throws that out the door, unless of course, they're going for the South Park route.

(Red Sled Down) - Jesus is packing!

ihaten4glol4206d ago

Right, I thought that as well! But the gun isn't making any kind of positive statement there. o___o

-Alpha4206d ago

It's OK, he's shooting heathens.

KingKiff4206d ago

We all know that South American's don't have souls...

Gamer7l4206d ago

Please,God....don't let that be Louisville, Kentucky. That's only 50 minutes from my hometown. :(

BannedForNineYears4205d ago

"Are the pastors aware of the series’ violent nature and the vitriol spewn by so many of its online players? Did they even think this through?"

I just wanted to say real quickly, from a Christian standpoint. My dad was playing CSS last night, on a Christian server, and a guy came in and said "Aren't Christians against this game?" and no one really answered him...But no where in the bible, does it say, "Thou shall not kill". It says "Thou shall not MURDER"...Big difference.
But using CoD to try to bring gamers into their religion is kinda retarded. -_-

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