Will Wright doubts Natal/Move will have same impact as Wii

It's taken them a few years, but Microsoft and Sony are preparing their own imitations of Nintendo's motion controller. Will Wright recently sounded off about both company's upcoming motion technology.

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knightdarkbox3101d ago

lol jealous...

Natal is an amazing piece of technology that looks to take the immersion factor to a new level with the full recognition of voice and facial features and the seemingly way improved response to body movements.

Natal= future of gaming.

tunaks13100d ago

Im sure they will,
but wait theres something they'll have to overcome
they're just 4 years late, and they've been branded rip-offs

-Alpha3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Move may have a bigger impact than Natal considering:

Wii Owners may be more comfortable with updating to Move just because they are familiar with it and Sony's ads are very informative. Plus, 3D I think will be a huge magnet for casual gamers and Sony seems to have invested in that. Imagine motion controls + 3D-- reaching at objects in 3D= Great marketing.

But Natal has:

MS advertising + Mega casual appeal + More than just gaming (communicating with friends, trying on virtual prom clothes,etc.-- watch that trailer). Also, the 360 has a more casual audience already with how they setup up Avatars, and have casual games like Uno.

Natal is barely marketed towards gamers and I dont think it will work that well for hardcore gamers. Move appreciates the hardcore and is accessible for casuals, but I don't know if it will have as big as an impact simply because Wii owners may not see the difference.

I don't think Move can market to casuals as well as Natal because Natal will look fresher for casuals while Move may remind them too much of Wii. Time will tell. Who knows, hardcore games may actually work great with Natal. E3 will reveal much more.

I don't know if they will have as big as an impact as Wii, I doubt it, but it's a waiting game at this point.

MiamiACR3099d ago

Thanks for the input Will /sarcasm, except for a select group of morons (Most probably on N4G) we already knew this. People are out of jobs and the big company's know this and thus are extending the lifespan of the consoles, seeing as people aren't going to drop another 500 (Or 700 if you went PS3) dollars on another console, you'd think they might not be so eager to jump onto another console so soon, but hey thanks for the reminder Will. Might as well cash in on the publicity with gamers now Will, seeing as you cashed out with oh so many of them not to long ago with that massive underachieving failure of a game known as "Spore".

Gr813099d ago

With a brain can see that.

eagle213099d ago

He is right. Nintendo has already won and games like Zelda Wii and the 3DS launch will keep the money flowing Ninty's way. Move should not be priced over $80 for a complete controller. Natal will be overshadowed by Halo anyway. It's all too obvious. :)