Will Wright: traditional console cycle has been "shattered"

For the last few decades, there has been an unspoken cycle that console manufactured seemed to adhere to when it comes to releasing new hardware. Traditionally, hardware companies like Nintendo have released new-generation hardware every five years or so. However, it seems that this will be one of the longest generations of console hardware. For example, we're five years into the Xbox 360's lifespan, and Microsoft hasn't yet to even begin hinting about its next console.

Will Wright, creator of The Sims, believes that's because the whole cycle has been "shattered."

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fishd3107d ago

Hopefully they both will JUST DIE right out of the door.
Death to motion control crap,wii and Nintentoy

AAACE53106d ago

I don't think we will see a major leap in tech for the next consoles. I believe this gen MS and Sony got burned due to the fact that the economy wasn't ready for really expensive consoles. And seeing how having the cheapest console gave Nintendo the lead will most certainly be on investors minds for the next gen.

I expect the next Playstation and Xbox to follow Nintendo's model and be a little bit more powerful than what they have now. All companies will try to hover around the $300-$400 mark next gen.

With the release of these motion controllers coming, i'm starting to believe we won't see then next gen hit until 2012 or 2013! But price is usually the indicator of a new gen coming. This is where MS throws you off. Usually, when a console hits $150, the next gen is right around the corner... but which console are we judging? The arcade? The elite? The super elite?

The Ps3 is still $300, so it doesn't seem like Sony plans on releasing for a couple years, so probably 2012 for a Ps4! Nintendo is down to $200 right now, and this Holiday season could possibly be the last year for the Wii, especially if Sony and MS motion controls take off! But it's been a while since Nintendo has been in the driver seat with home console sales, so I think they will try to milk it for as much as they can!

FarEastOrient3106d ago

It is a good thing that the "generation cycles" has been broken, since the technology only increases in power and the involvement of developing games become even larger. Just look at the team size of Final Fantasy XIII in comparison to Final Fantasy VI; yes different hardware designs and yet the numbers made sense when thinking about what it takes to make a game during that generation in comparison to this generation.

All I can say is that the console gaming cycle is much better than my PC gaming cycle. I do a total upgrade of all hardware cycled around the release of each Total War game since that product laughs at me if it can not handle it. (Around 2-3 years requires a full upgrade anyway to handle the Graphic Design projects I'm working on)

All we can do is blame Moore's Law for both the benefits of increase power and the cons of needing more people to harness that power.

fishd3107d ago

Who changed the title?!

Apocalypse Shadow3107d ago

and sony SHATTERED it TWICE.that's why the cycles are longer.

it helps sony recoup R&D costs over time.and it helps developers by supporting their next gen efforts with last gen sales until the market is stable to move forward.

make profits on ps2.then use that money on wii,360 or ps3 development.ps1 profits helped ps2 development.and ps2 profits helped ps3 development.that's how it works.and sony knew this as phil harrison spoke of this.

developers will die if they don't have something to fall back on.which leads to closing studios,being bought by another party or giving up publishing rights to someone else resulting in lower profits on something made in house.

will is just making sony look right again on console strategies.

kaveti66163106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

nope. The economy has underwent unforeseen decline because of the sub-prime mortgage crisis. The global economy is tied in with the U.S. When the U.S. economy went down the crapper, so did every other country's. Now, Sony cannot possibly hope to recoup its debt in a reasonable amount of time unless it shifts revenues from different divisions in order to release another console in a reasonable time frame.

Microsoft didn't follow Sony's method with the Xbox to 360 transition. The Xbox division was 4 billion dollars down the hole after the first Xbox was pulled, but Microsoft didn't care because they just shift revenues from their OS division. Sony doesn't work that way because Sony hasn't had to work that way in previous generations. They have indeed used their investment earnings from PS1 to develop the PS2 and their earnings from the PS2 to develop the PS3, but now Sony is 6 billion dollars down the hole in 3.5 years of their cycle, and won't be recouping their investment in a long time. Their only option is to do what Microsoft did. They will allocate funds from another part of Sony that is more profitable in order to develop the PS4. If they don't, they will be waiting a long time for the PS division to make back their deficit.

That's why the lifecycles have shattered. Sony set a standard for itself to follow but will no longer be able to follow it the way they did in the past. Microsoft is probably still in the hole in the Xbox division, but they don't care because once again they will just use money from elsewhere. Right now, both companies are reluctant to move on from this gen because they want to milk it for all they can get. Nintendo is the only company that can comfortably start a new gen.

Games4M - Rob3106d ago

Sony still uses its divisions to balance out the books. A lot of the loss from the PS3 gaming division was caused by the inclusion of the expensive blu-ray drive.

That in turn will cause an increase in profit for the blu-ray division, even more so as more people begin to swap over from DVD.

MiamiACR3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Thanks for the input Will /sarcasm, except for a select group of morons (Most probably on N4G) we already knew this. People are out of jobs and the big company's know this and thus are extending the lifespan of the consoles, seeing as people aren't going to drop another 500 (Or 700 if you went PS3) dollars on another console, you'd think they might not be so eager to jump onto another console so soon, but hey thanks for the reminder Will. Might as well cash in on the publicity with gamers now Will, seeing as you cashed out with oh so many of them not to long ago with that massive underachieving failure of a game known as "Spore".

frankymv3106d ago

MS is releasing its 2 biggest games, halo and gears in fall 2010, and april 2011 respectively. april 2011 is when gears 3 releases...this will be MS's biggest game..period. After this, no more milking. This will be 2 months before e3 2011, when the 720 will be announced.

N4g_null3105d ago

That's what my clock says also.

Ms knows they can out spend the guys over at SONY. They will be doing this. The tech coming is what controls a consoles release. SONY has beat the tech drum well and has set the so called hardcore up to fall in love with what ever MS's new console uses. Hell even I'm learning C++ now. The GPUs will be close to what we have in the new GPU/CPU war. The tech will be direct x 11 ready it seems. The ram is going to be crazy and the storage format is still up in the air.

What is funny is the talk of possibly taking your old PC which has better specs than a xbox 360 and converting that into a console. A kit like this could do wonders and it would also introduce console gamers back to PC gaming. Games are already made with the Idea of scaling built in thanks to the efforts of some great PC developers.

Nintendo is going to do what ever they want. They look more at the market and what their designers can come up with. They sort of ignore the rants of the core and look for the laspe gamers and the people who lost interest in gaming or shunned it completely. What better way to gain new customers.

Sony is in bad shape but they have some eerie investments going on. Their stock is pretty complicated and last time I heard they lost a whole mess of money as a whole tech and movies studio combined. I don't really care too much about loosing them as a manufacture though. they remind me of a successful NEC. You know the guys that made the super grafx and TG-16.

The cell was a big disappointment along with the fact a work station or PC platform was not grown from the PS platform. That was a big missed opportunity. Many people than the fanbase call haters would be on board with my self included. Did you know that the PS3 was going to be an indie dev platform? It actually gave you access to most tools? The now castrated dual boot was for that very reason. It was suppose to be much like the commedor64.

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