HipHopGamer Response To Insomniac Games & Bungie On Gamertag Radio

Gamertag Radio writes: "Exclusive podcast interview with HipHopGamer. His official response to Insomniac Games & Bungie."

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DarK-SilV3105d ago

I think people are just looking for anything to get HHG; I am not talking about Insomniac Games or Bungie,
I am talking about the haters who try everything to blow things out of proportions

GiantEnemyCrab3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I care just enough to reply to your comment and say I don't give 2 sh*ts and it doesn't make this guy any less of a PS3 fanboy poser who seems to misrepresent these developers enough that they have to pay their employees to go on record to clean up the mess.

You are just one of HHG's tricks..

Fishy Fingers3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

No no no, if it's a thread regarding HHG, you have to moan about how much you hate him, moan about the way he talks, moan about how much you dislike the videos and their content, but, whatever you do, continue to click on every following thread regarding him. You cant just steer clear of it.

George Sears3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Fishy I'm pretty sure you're trying to pull a funny but the thing is that you don't have to click on a HHG article to know what it's all about. His over eccentric, extravegant title is usually the one that grabs your damn peripheral vision when scrolling for news.

I don't have nothing against HHG, but he does have a way to annoy you when he hypes his show and all you get is just over exaggerated opinions.

ExgamerLegends23105d ago

I rarely watch the show but when i do I see the same exact ppl saying the same exact stuff every time lol. I just dont get how ppl can choose to watch a show they dont like then complain about it.

chrisnick3105d ago

"You won't find this NO WHERE else"

Ahh professional journalism at its best.

Baka-akaB3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I love the cheesy "but you click etc..." arguments , it is well known thing that many people here comment without going into each articles or watching videos .

Hell some people even love to pontificate about others not reading the articles and judging from the get go with flamebait titles and first lines , but suddenly it doesnt work with HHG ?

The title and summary usually gives quite a lot of insight . Especially about some of the old HHG ludicrous announcements .

So no sorry , when someone comments about HHG , it doesnt mean that somone bothered with the content , or that he didnt . It means squat .

The one thing i wont agree with , in HHG's bashing case , is how it quickly turns into racial slur , and how some people never complaint about equally crappy site , such as destructoid or kotaku among many others

deadreckoning6663105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I for one support HHG. He's doing what he loves and for some reason people like to hate on him constantly when he does something wrong.

Does HHG prefer the PS3 over other next-gen consoles? Yep
Does he overhype things? Yep
Are his titles flaimbait? 100% YES

The question I have trouble answering is...WHY-DO-U-PEOPLE-CARE? If u don't like him, let him be and IGNORE him.

I suggest that the haters on this site look in the mirror, because obviously they have some MAJOR problems with themselves if their hating on a person whose actions don't affect them in the LEAST. HHG has already accomplished more in this industry than any of us may accomplish in 3 or 4 lifetimes.

silvacrest3105d ago

the haters b!tch and moan every time a post of his comes up but they never stay away

for that reason alone, you cont blame hiphop for coming back every time

darthv723105d ago

what is going down with HHG and bungie/insomniac? Where does this all begin so I can bring myself up to speed?

Chubear3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Gamer1: What's with this whole Insomniac/HHG thing?

Gamer2: yeah yeah yeah, lolz, HHG went exaggerating stuff and they went postal!! lolz

Gamer1: Oh snap! So, what did he exaggerate?

Gamer2: You know he likes to just hype things and he know NOTHING!!

Gamer1: yes yes sure but what did he exaggerate?

Gamer2: He's always exaggerating!

Gamer1: but what DID he exaggerate?

Gamer2: ....

Gamer1: Hello?.. H-E-L-L-OOO?!?!

Gamer2: ....

Gamer1: Uhm ok, I heard bungie got beef with HHG cause he said Bungie is stepping up their halo game because of Sony.

Gamer2: yeah! that tool thinks halo has pretty much been the same since halo2. HAHA! noob, bungie are going to sue him!

Gamer1: .. sue him?.. for his view point? no company is that stupid

Gamer2: YES THEY ARE! er, I mean no they're not, I mean... argh!!! you bad person, you trick Smeagol; Smeagol no talkie no more, head hurt QQ... my precious, they stole it from us!

Gamer1: O.O :/ -.-

Dee_913105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Everybody talking about he over exaggerate
everybody from up north talk like that
I got so many friends from up north that get so hyped about little things

well black people iono about white people

Will-UK3105d ago

I know many of you dislike hiphopgamer but common if you hate him so much and believe he craves attention why do you all persist on filling the comment section with comments and why do you click the story.

I respect him for the simple fact when all these people insult him he never once stoops to their level but replys very professionally and finshes with one love god bless.

BYE3105d ago

Yeah, what else is new?

duplissi3105d ago


exactly most who are b*tching about hhg dont even click on his videos unless he cleverly disguises them myself included. i hate his articles- i feel dirty everytime im swindled into one of his articles because of sensational headlines or deceptive video stills. he is full of sh*t frankly, he spews what HE thinks is going on as fact. he banks on the uninformed fanboys to bate at his every word because A:they love all the pro sony bull, or B: they are xbox fanboys who watch to mock him and pick apart what he says.


hey i prefer sony, but HATE HHG..... so what does that make me?

tinybigman3105d ago

great listen and i have to say hhg and everyone on that show was right. the haters look so foolish because instead of ignoring him you listen to him anyway and then b*tch about it.

he had the guts to get into gaming like he did and i think people are jealous because they didnt have the balls to do it themselves. damnit i wish i had the stones to do what he does.

anyway much props to hhg and the little guys who are doing what they love while the rest of us just live our normal lives.

disagree away all you want im going to to Star Ocean International.

dc13105d ago

very good Chubear... you get bubs for the Smeagol reference!

He remains a solid reminder that we all most never lose our precious. .. and be darn sure not to let anyone steal it from us!

BattleAxe3105d ago

I can't understand the hate some people have for HHG. I know on his first few shows that he came out with he was talking mostly about what Sony was doing, but get real people, HHG has been bringing the news from both sides for quite a while now and doing a great job.

tplarkin73105d ago

This is the web. Just give me the highlights. Anything more than 1 minute, I don't care.

N4BmpS3105d ago

I can actually understand what HHG was saying when said it took Bungie awhile to deliver the quality that is Halo Reach.(not his exact words) I can understand that. But I think the area where he irks people's nerves is his exaggerated speculations. This can also fall back on the developers too because thy are way to secretive most of the time, Insomniac has yet to confirm Resistance 3, eventhough we know it's out there(add on the big @$$ billboard). We all do speculate but I think HHG should tone it down a bit. But he has a right to voice his thought people on here do it 24/7.

Aquanox3105d ago

2 of the most respectable studios calling them liers and N4G do nothing about it.

It's time to BAN this idiotic website fro here.

MEsoJD3104d ago

has HHG given us anything of worth??? Making up outlandish titles and

putting words in developers mouths is not helping. I'm just saying was

there ever a time hes truly contributed to the gaming community? Has he

given us news before Ign, gamespot, etc....???

If there is an option of filtering out his articles on N4G please

let me know because I don't want to see some awesome title only to

click on it and get pissed off.

UltimaEnder3104d ago

Lost respect for Godfree for interviewing such a joke of a person and if it wasn't for N4G HHG would not even exist; his answers are so ridiculous, pardon me why I bang my head agains the wall for a few hours after having to listen to his junky voice....

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Speed-Racer3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

wow did I just listen to a minute + of crappy intro music? Hmm well it seems he may have gotten a lucky break here but he is always over hyping stories, making it sound much bigger than it than being a gaming fan or just trying to rake in publicity for himself?

thedarkestfaction3105d ago

Please shut this douche bag down!! I cannot stand HHG and neither can the rest of you

booni33105d ago

His opinion is just his opinion. my boys at bungie are too busy making paper to pay attention to this wad.

darkequitus3105d ago

He is no expressing his opinion as he presents information in the form [to paraphrase]"...exclusive. .can't say this space..." giving the impression he knows more than he does. I.e. fact he cannot share due to NDA,for example.

knightdarkbox3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

no one cares about this stupid ps3 fanboy poser.

opinions of hhg are bias in 360...

please GTFO of n4g stupid hhg.

Chubear3105d ago

..and yet, you are always actively posting on any news involving HHG lol

Lionhead3105d ago

I think he has a thing for HHG

rezzah3105d ago

the very thing you are doing to downplay HHG is making him grow bigger. Remember that for next time before you make a post for any article relating to him.

Mr_Showtime13104d ago

It's humorous that 17 people think he isn't an idiot. Even if you enjoy what he does, or have respect because he is doing something he loves, the guy is still a total air-head. I remember watching an intro to a video he did parodying the Dark Knight, and it has haunted me to this day.

Besides, the whole gangster scene is so 90's now lol.

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