Your fastest Internet in the world is found in Berkeley, CA

Nate Anderson of Ars Technica writes:

"If you want the fastest average broadband speed in the world, don't move to Japan. Instead, buckle up your Birkenstocks and pile into the VW Bus, because it's time for a road trip to Berkeley, California, home of the fastest average Internet speeds on earth.

This nugget of data comes courtesy of the most recent State of the Internet report from Akamai Technologies, which collects and analyzes a unique data set of worldwide speeds and IP address usage. When all of the company's speed data was sorted by city, three US locations top the list before South Korea and Japan begin to dominate."

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tudors3102d ago

We got 50mb in the UK, mine averages at 16-20mb, we have a village in the UK that I wish I had the link to the story because they were turned down for broadband by BT, so basically a senior member of the community leased the lines himself ironically from BT and set up his own ISP just for the village, they have 100mb connections.

Dark-vash3102d ago

They are talking about average...

Anyway, in Portugal, with Zon ISP, we can get a connection at 1GBit for something like 250E/month, this includes TV and Phone...

Others ISP's are now implementing Fiber to the Home, FTTH, starting at 50Mbits or so!

In this particular matter, Portugal is evolving fast enough...

SaiyanFury3102d ago

Personally, I don't care where the world's fastest connection is. My wife and I are limited to 3mbps because of our rural location. I'm happy that someone has access to that fast speed, but until it's more relevant to my family, I really don't care. I can barely stream SD video to my home network from the internet. I know I can't do HD. For me, digital download is just a footnote for the future. I can easily buy a BD and watch it in 1080p on my home theatre. Pardon my small rant there, but I'm just showing how many of us don't have access to huge broadband speeds. Until we have access to over 20 or so mbps, digital downloading won't be an option. At least not for HD content.

iamgoatman3102d ago

I saw that on the news, I guess if you want something done properly, do it yourself.

I'm just over the Welsh border, less than 5 miles to the nearest exchange, but I can't receive a broadband signal of any sorts. BT just couldn't give a sh*t. As long as they aren't obliged to offer fast internet, they'll only do whatever suits them.

amogrr3102d ago

I don't get it. I live in a third world country, and all I have is a puny 256kbps connection. However, I do TONS of downloading, and this includes a load of HD stuff.

What's keeping you then?

Darkstorn3102d ago

I realize that Berkeley is one of the most liberal cities in the U.S., so naturally they would have higher infrastructure spending, but these speeds should be a goal for all cities.

Congratulations to them for showing everyone else how it's done.

SaiyanFury3101d ago

@ amogrr

I recognise your statement and I'm happy for you. At a low speed connection at 512kbps, I can also *download* HD content, but that doesn't mean I can stream it, which is what I meant. I can download HD content on my connection, but streaming it is another story. It's impossible for me to stream video in 1080p on my connection. Streaming 1080p content requires a connection bandwidth of at least 20mbps which I do not have. Pardon me for not explaining my situation more clearly.

amogrr3101d ago


Nono, I clearly misunderstood. Speeds like 20mbps are unheard of here, at least for a personal connection.

Of course, One can still do 720p if you let it buffer long enough. I do that for Youtube pretty often!

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jjesso19933102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

maybe its bit to early for me but and missing somthing but that woman in sweadon gets 40gb/sec 5gigabytes/sec and she uses it dry her washing or somthing.

BYE3102d ago

What the hell is "Sweadon"? You mean Sweden?

ChrisW3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Here's a link:

BTW, here in Japan, I have 160Mb/s and that is MORE than enough!!!

Aphe3102d ago

Ah, thanks for the link. Also, 160Mb/s? :o


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jjesso19933102d ago

sorry for making spelling mistake

Aphe3102d ago

I was WTFing at the woman using it to dry her washing. How?

NaiNaiNai3102d ago

Must be nice to have good connections.

I have 8mpbs connection, and its 40$ a month.

T_T be cool if we had something like 160 here.

DarK-SilV3102d ago

I have 2 mb with a lot of speed problems and I pay 100 USD

NaiNaiNai3102d ago

well then I'm lucky. :D but still wish I had faster connection.

peowpeow3102d ago

20mbps, $129.95 AUD :D! Just upgraded from 1.5mbps a few seconds ago!

VoicesInMyHead3102d ago

Mine is 15mbps and its 80 dollars (Time Warner)

XxCYONIDExX3102d ago

I've got Verizon with 25 mb down and 20 up constantly and pay $45 US. When I lived out in the sticks I had to pay $70 for 1.5 mb and only had 256 kb up.

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jjesso19933102d ago

Aphe she has an exchange some where in house maybe outside and this gets hot and drys her washing. my qustion would why give it to woman thats not going use that speed the only reason give someone that speed would really to test it not see if drys washing.

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