Why Apple Couldn't Get the Lost iPhone Back

John Herrman of Gizmodo writes:

"It's such an obvious question: Why couldn't Apple track this phone down? As it turns out, they may have had two chances to get it back-and blown them both."

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maxbyte3491d ago

get. a. life. (or a game and then play it).

darkmurder3491d ago

Apple probably saw it as an overpriced gimmick and scoffed at it but then realised a month later it was their product.

WhittO3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

lol because playing games means you have more of a life than people being interested in the new iPhone models ?

JustinSaneV23491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

1) Little does he know that the iPhone is a gaming platform...
2) By the same comparison one can say he has no life for browsing a gaming news site.

maxbyte3490d ago

How could I be a gamer and seriously say to someone "get a life". And then, as an added hint, I say "or a game"... Duh.
Sarcasm out of your bounds or what?

WhittO3490d ago

its hard to get if someone is being sarcastic because there are soo many stupid people on here lol.

Thats what the "/sarcasm" is usually used for.

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Rashonality3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

founders keepers...

maxbyte3491d ago

Actually (not 100% sure, but I think it is so), in California the law states that the one who loses an item has three years to claim it back.
If that period passes and no one comes to claim the item, the owner of the property where the item is lost becomes the owner of the item.
A person who finds the item has no legal right to ownership; their legal obligation is to report the item found to the property owner or to the police.

Qbanj693491d ago

Let's see if the guy who lost it kills himself like the last one did.

Microsoft_Spokesman3491d ago

" the last one did." ?????

JustinSaneV23491d ago

A Chinese worker (employed by FoxComm I think it was) killed himself after losing a prototype.

FOXDIE3491d ago

lol is that true? omg

karan86243491d ago

The apple ninjas came in to the guys house in the middle of the night and switched it with a bricked fake one

dbf3491d ago

Gizmodo is really milking this thing for all it's worth

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