3D Gaming Summit Beginning Tomorrow, 4/21/10

The first ever 3D Gaming Summit, featuring an all-star lineup of gaming and entertainment leaders and offering the 3D Gaming Lounge with the latest in 3D games and systems, will run Wednesday-Thursday, April 21-22.

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ipwnall3106d ago

Hope to see more 3D stuff. Upgrading in a few months. :D

NateNater3106d ago

Yea this 3D thing is really picking up lately. Can't wait to see more!

Slimshadyn3106d ago

Too bad I won't be able to afford a 3D T.V. for a good long while. I am excited though, I'll have to make some rich friends that way I can go over and steal their food and play GT5 in 3D.

Sigh3106d ago

got one classmate already getting a 3d HDTV, arghhhhhh I want one.

NSG3106d ago

I'm looking forward to all the new developments myself. I don't understand why some people dislike this so much lol

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