BlackBerry OS 6.0 Details + Leaked Screens

Details about BlackBerry's OS 6.0 have surfaced. The new operating system brings many visual and functional upgrades.

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RonyDean3106d ago

It looks pretty good but really, who is using BlackBerry phones anymore?

Speed-Racer3106d ago

The ones who don't use iPhones...

RonyDean3106d ago

There are still people around that don't use iPhones?!?!

Wildarmsjecht3106d ago

I dont care for the iPhone and felt like it was cumbersome compared to a blackberry. Since then, I havent switched and as such there are many others who feel that way.

Looking forward to this new OS tho, definitely.

TheIneffableBob3106d ago

A significant number of people are still using Blackberries.

Speed-Racer3106d ago

They didnt have an epic drunk/bar story to go along with it.. so they wont be getting much publicity

AAACE53106d ago

Once my contract is done, I will never get another blackberry again! I have had a love/hate relationship with this thing since I got it and now 70% of the time I hate it! Most times I just want to throw it against the wall. It operates the way it's suppose to, but when you try to do something you want to do, you usually can't do it!

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mittwaffen3106d ago

BB's still the best selling smartphone; Some people that email/text just love a real keyboard.

All preference- I've been wanting to try an Iphone; the tours been good- just not amazing.

Kevin McCallister3106d ago

I'm sure many of those sales are bulk company purchases for their employees though. When it comes to phones purchased for personal use, it seems to be iPhone or Android for most people. AT&T has great voice/data coverage in my area and I used to see many iPhones out in public, but over the past couple of months it seems just about everyone has an Android device.

SKUD3106d ago

iPhone for personal use. Blackberry for work. It does the basics extremely well.


if you have ever made a call on a iphone then make that same call on a blackberry you would realize the reception difference. iphone is good for games n apps n the internet is sort of better. but if you txt n call alot n possibly email, blackberry all the way.

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