The Force Unleashed 2 on Dagobah System?

Videogameszone writes: "LuacasArts has its official website for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 provided with a new teaser image including atmospheric background sound. To all appearances plays the second part of the action game on the planet Dagobah." Screenshot inside!

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Xof3492d ago

It would be cool if LA followed the light-side ending, and had... whatever that guy was called take over Luke's role in the trilogy.

guitarded773491d ago

It would be cool if LA would make a damn Star Wars Battlefront 3... However, I am getting a bit pumped for TFU2, I hope they have fixed all the glitches the 1st had and make a killer game. If we got a good TFU 2, SW on Blu-Ray and SW Battlefront 3 it would be too much awesome at once and the universe might implode.

Dark_Helmet3491d ago

Is Starkiller gonna slaughter Yoda?!?! Awesome!

Government Cheese3491d ago

I don't know but I hope Yoda acts like he did in the empire strikes back. If I see Yoda do more backflip/somersault lightsaber moves like in Ep 2 and 3, I'm gonna break the discs and personally slap George Lucas and everyone at LucasArts

kingme713491d ago

I enjoyed the first one warts and all.

tunaks13491d ago

if this has WM+ then I'm sold

DarkSpawnClone3491d ago

i cant wait for this game!! i would still rather have a new Starwars battlefront 3 but i really enjoyed the first game played it alot it had its flaws but still enjoyable

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