G4TV: Dead Rising 2 Co-Op Impressions

Capcom's series moves to Las Vegas as the zombie apocalypse ups the ante with more zombies on-screen and drops original game protagonist Frank West and his camera. Players step into the zombie-slaying shoes of Chuck Greene as they use new weapons, tools, and moves to fight back the forces of the undead in Sin City.

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GiantEnemyCrab3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

How funny. So this is their first "successful" collaboration with the West?

This game is like an equivalent to me making a Math JRPG for the East and then having everyone walking around eating rice cakes and going "ching chang chong ching chang". I mean how stereotypical to the point of insulting can this game be towards the west?

A bonus were Zombies can slip in your own puke when you drink too much beer? Holy crap Capcom just call it StupidAmerica: Hillbilly Zombie Squash already and get to the point.