GamesRadar: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Preview

After 10 years of rampant speculation GamesRadar can finally confirm that Marvel vs Capcom 3 is indeed a reality. Revealed last week during Capcom's annual Captivate event by Keiji Inafune himself, the combo-crazy fighter will return to PS3 and 360 in spring 2011, continuing a fighting-game resurgence that began with the universally lauded Street Fighter IV.

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ShinFuYux3105d ago

I want see a Namco VS Sega game. Just imagine, Virtua Fighter Vs Tekken.

booni33105d ago

that would be sweet but the mechanics are so diffrent...they'd have to morph both gameplay styles and the end result would be a bastard lovechild of catastrophic proportions.

booni33105d ago

Oh my god, i'm about to start crying...i'm 19 and ive been playing this game in the arcades and bus terminals since i was a fleeting youth...this is a dream come true. So many said it would never happen. capcom lost the rights or some slash like that. But here it is, a fetus in capcoms mighty womb...a new precedent in fighting games is about to be reached. let us all watch in wonderment.