Project Natal development kit photos leaked

These images demonstrate that the current development kit requires a power supply in order to function, as well as warning within its instructions that the user should not forcefully tilt the camera, as it may damage the tilt motor. This suggests that the camera will automatically tilt, which certainly opens up for very interesting possibilities.

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Cevapi883503d ago

i wonder if the little stand is able to clamp on to the tv or if it sticks to the top...because looking at it the way it could be knocked over on accident

its cool to see it up close like this...i wonder if this is what will be shown off at E3 as the official product

Dee_913503d ago

It shouldnt fall off unless you are messing with it.
my eyetoy on top of my flatscreen tv and it never fell off by itself

Cevapi883503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

thanks on the insight....i dont own an eye i was just wondering what the set up would be

kissmeimgreek3503d ago

itll probably have an adhesive strip for under the stand like the wii sensor.

Christopher3503d ago

I think I'm going to have trouble fitting that in with my current entertainment system. TV is too thin to hold it on top (same problem I have with PS3 EyeToy, and it's a lot smaller) and the base of it is too big to fit in front of my TV, let alone it'll sit in front of my center speaker system.

vhero3502d ago

Do not forcibly tilt worry's me slightly as it means a knock off my table or something could mean a broken piece of hardware and the price this is probably gonna retail at means expensive replacements. Self powered... hmm not 100% sure what to think I mean sure its not sapping your boxes power but it means even more wires trailing around my TV I mean I'm getting a wireless sensor bar for my wii as that's annoying as hell. I hate wires showing and the Natal is gonna have 2 wires sticking out the back now?? Maybe its just the dev kits though and final edition may be able to run off USB but its a bit late in dev cycle to change to that then change back..

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Tiberium3503d ago

I didn't expect it to be on top of the tvs.

Seedhouse3503d ago

I think that was just there for demonstration, he's not using it in the photos =]

MajestieBeast3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Thats 1 ugly ass webcam.

Mike134nl3503d ago

True but to be faire it's an improvement compared to the old xbox 360 camera. Think it looks better than ps3 eye camera or other external pc/laptop camera's.

DelbertGrady3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

The PSEye is one of the clunkiest web cameras ever designed. It looks like they had two completely different designs and not enough time to merge them in a proper way.

Have a look for yourself. I like the design of the Live Vision camera the best.


Who is even talking about the PS Cameras?

3503d ago
MajestieBeast3503d ago

If you attack a ugly product by microsoft there is always gonna be someone who brings up a sony product.

fox023503d ago

Nah... he just loves his PS3 that's all.

kissmeimgreek3503d ago

any of yall ever heard of a prototype? NONE OF YOU have any idea what Natal will look like. It could look like this or it might not since dev kits are usually cruder versions. Plus Molyneux and others have said that The Natal design was never final

snesfangirl3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

but it still looks better than that electric razorcam that's available for the ps3. i think norelco or remington designed that thing.

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mrv3213503d ago

My only wish for Natal now is online support. It looks cool and all but for me atleast it's near useless without online. I complete a game singleplayer and NEVER go back unless it's Fallout or something.

Fishy Fingers3503d ago

I see no reason why they wouldnt have online components in Natal games, it shouldnt be any different, its only a medium for control.

mrv3213503d ago

I have yet to see a Natal game with a online potensial and the beta stage lag was fairly bad now I would like to see how they've improved the final version, and what effect that has with compatibility etc.

Will I buy Natal? No, unless it's cheap I mean the price of a new game. Without sounding like the M&K people, a controller is fine I don't need a Camera to play a game and I highly doubt it'll improve my experience.

fox023503d ago

They showed a demo of a girl using it with her friend online, at E3. Check youtube if you can't remember.

lowcarb3503d ago

They also show how you can order pizza online, have telephone conversations and watch movies. Every 360 game is online compatible so really I'm not sure what your talking about.

"No, unless it's cheap I mean the price of a new game."

If it lives up to the hype I will pick it up even if it costs a little high.

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3503d ago
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