WarioWare: The TV Show connects the dots between NBC's Minute to Win It and the fore bringing of microgames, the WarioWare franchise.

iTZKooPA writes: "We're not here to discuss how WarioWare was the first entry into the (now standard) party game market. Or how its simple and intuitive design made developers think that it must be an easily repeatable formula; one that's possible to recreate on a shoestring budget, no less. No, none of that is why we are here. We are here because WarioWare's potential has transcended mere video game design, and leapt into the realm of analog games. To my knowledge, WarioWare's simple and fun games have lead it to become the first video game to become a TV game show."

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SirLarr3107d ago

Now all we need is a game in Minute to Win It where the contestant has to jump over an automotive potato.