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It's time for the hunt to begin. After waiting several years for the next installment of the Monster Hunter franchise, Capcom has delivered the true successor in the main series with the release of Monster Hunter Tri on Wii. Originally, the game was rumored to be a PS3 title, but when things changed and it was instead announced for Wii, some became distraught over that fact, mostly because the lower-end graphics the Wii would display. A lot of that talk ceased when Capcom debuted the first official trailer and footage of the game, though. Monster Hunter Tri is a beautiful Wii title and it comes packed with tons of content that will make the hunter inside you jump for joy. With free online questing available, a long and deep single player mode, and tons of character customization, the Monster Hunter series is back and better than ever. Grab your sword or hammer, because it's time to begin the long and pleasurable hunt.

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Myst3105d ago

Cruelest bit of fate I have ever been in. The game is sitting in my book bag, but won't be home till around 8. This is a sad day but a good one at the same time :()

MattyF3105d ago

The game will take your life over tonight.

Myst3105d ago

I know, finished all of my homework for tonight last night. Hopefully I'll be able to get quite a bit done in term of just working through tonight.

MattyF3105d ago

You should be able to make plenty of progress in the game tonight. Just be ready to play from 8PM till 3AM and then be left wondering where the time went.

Myst3105d ago

Extend that to about..4~6 AM sometimes 7 and you have what my Winter vacation was like for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite lol. Though we sometimes started later like around 9~10 PM.

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Shnazzyone3104d ago

So worth it.... now to plunk down more time today.