Back In My Day: Arcades!

"Come here children, everyone gather around Old Man JynX, I want to tell you all a little story. I'm sure as soon as some of you readers hear the word "Arcade" you are going to expect an article on the Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network or even the WiiWare. No! No.. No.. No and once more in case you didn't catch it the first time, NO!

Now if you read the aforementioned word and remember the open buildings with dark windows in the front to keep the sun out, the interiors that were bathed in black lights with glow in the dark designs all over the carpet and cheesy posters plastering the walls then you and me are like brothers… give me a hug (just don't touch me…)"
-JynX of

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ape0073494d ago

I really do miss those times, those golden days, I'll never forget the hours and hours of heated arcade kof battles

those were great days and this is a well written article