Star Trek Online: Cloaking Guide

IncGamers has another video from Cryptic Studios, this time on the Cloaking system in Star Trek Online.

The film gives an overview of the cloaking mechanic and valuable advice on the use of the ability against Federation ships in PvP.

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Maticus3107d ago

The Feds are wanting this ability. I'm undecided over whether they should get it.

Malfurion3107d ago

They should keep some differences between the two factions. Feds have PvE stuff, nuff said.

Fyzzu3107d ago

I don't think so. It'll keep things varied between the two sides, and this is a cool bonus for Klingons.

Leord3107d ago

Well, lore-wise the only reason Feds don;t research cloaking was to keep a sort of "terror balance" between Romulans and Feds.

Not up to date with lore how it is now.