Gran Turismo 5 completion will 'anger' Yamauchi

Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has claimed that he will be left "angry" when work on Gran Turismo 5 is finally complete - and predicted he won't be satisfied with the final product.

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Fishy Fingers3104d ago

Well the headline doesnt quite reflect the quote, it "may" anger him, but this dude is no doubt the biggest perfectionist in the industry. To the point of being anal.

Ooooh fishy said anal... *snigger*

Fishy Fingers3104d ago

I figure I better clear up the term anal, as I seem to be getting disagrees when the term suits him perfectly:

"The term anal retentive (also anally retentive), commonly abbreviated to anal, is used conversationally to describe a person with such attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to others"

If that doesnt sound like him, I dont know what does.

TheHater3104d ago

why did you cleared up on what you meant by anal? I was getting ready to read some amusing respond to your comment by the fanboys :(

WOW...someone actually disagree with your definition of anal? Oh wait, NVM, this is N4G

Rock Bottom3104d ago

Some of you actually enjoy reading fanboys comments?
This is bad.

Fishy Fingers3104d ago

Haha, true, I should of let it run and seen how it played out.

BigPappaPump3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Those who disagree are not familiar with the Freudian term. Nice attempt on educating the masses.

JustTheFactsMr3104d ago

"the obsession becomes an annoyance to others"

Kind of describes those disagreeing for absolutely no reason. :)

But at least KY's pursuit is a worthwhile one.

It's certainly why he produces best of breed products while so many others are willing to let dreck go out the door.

Anarki3104d ago

This game will no doubt be one of THE best games on the PS3 aswell as the biggest system seller.

Cannot wait for GT5..

Redrum0593104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

its funny how GT5 will mostlikely be better than any other racing game out there yet KY will still be unsatisfied, lets you know how high his standards are(which i like). unlike other devs and game creators out there.

Edit: to pennywise and captain-obvious below. agreed, +bubbles to the both of you

Speed Racer3104d ago

its his baby what do you expect?

captain-obvious3104d ago

dude just give us the game
its not finished yet it sh!ts all over all racers out there

Pennywise3104d ago

Someone needs to let this guy know he has surpassed any competition and it needs to be released.

I can appreciate his dedication, but the Playstation3 NEEDS GT now. Perfectionism to this extent can go on forever... at some point he needs to step back, appreciate the master piece he has created and RELEASE IT!!!

mrv3213104d ago

This guy is so completionist that if you gave him Just Cause 2 he'd die.

Seriously GT5 is going to blow so much out of the water... so many genre's destroyed... and all because one man prefers the number 100.

mikeslemonade3104d ago

This is the Game of the Year for 2010.

BYE3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Nothing wrong with a healthy amount of perfectionism.


No, if you gave him Just Cause 2, he'd immediately take it off the market and try to actually make it a good game.

boodybandit3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I'm not an ass man myself. ;)

On topic:
Let's start a wave and chant "GT5, GT5, GT5, GT5!"
Let it go Yamauchi. 99.9% is close enough to perfection buddy! :)

Dee_913104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Lol he want to put everything into this one.Only thing left fot gt6 is dynamic night and day and weather .. and heavy damage

@ceekay i thought i was the only one who hated just cause 2 lol

Hill_billy3104d ago

Brings me back to the day when Phil Hartman did the Anal Retentive Chef on SNL. Good god that was frigging hilarious!

2Spock3104d ago


He isn't to anal or they would fix the shadow problems.

catguykyou3104d ago

I'm not saying the game wont be good so please don't think I am. It will be great, but no game is perfect or without bugs. I can't wait for the first glitch videos to be released and see how all the fan boys react. That will be funny to me.It's one thing to love a game. It's another to worship it. Some of the fanboys here fall into the worship category.

pixelsword3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

... I love anal...

I love analogies. :D The word is at play because if you make the "connection" (connecting the words together) you get another word. the synonym for analogy is resemblance... and the word broken apart is anal and ogies and ogies is similar to "orgies".

budgetgamer, lol what in the world was that? Who was that singling lady, Madeline Khan?

likedamaster3104d ago

As someone already stated...

"Half the world is now angered by how long this game has been in development."

Bob-Dole3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

And Bob Dole will be very happy when it is completed.

Bob Dole.

vhero3104d ago

I do'nt think he will ever be happy with the game as its impossible to make the perfect game.

OhReginald3104d ago

I never heard the word "snigger" before....

boodybandit3103d ago

I got it the first time but I am a typical male and took my mind to the gutter instead of the high road. I am my name sake after all. Funny thing is my wife came up with this user name / gamer tag of mine.

pixelsword3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I do that a lot myself. My girlfriend hates that I can take just about anything and turn it into something dirty-sounding but clean if I wanted to.

I do it for the children. :D

(I don't have children, though; it's just a figure of speech)

RumbleFish3103d ago

... I have to disagree with all the release it now comments. I really want this game ASAP too, but I want a GT-like GT with perfect performance. GT 5 P. is far from perfect performance and the demo with dumbed down gfx was performing like utter sh!t. I really want 60 fps even in the hairpins and with opponents on track in front of me. In the demo the framerate was going down with only the ghost in front of you. In GT 5 P. the framerate goes down in any narrow corner, wether you've got cars in front of you or not. This is not GT standart and I hope KY will keep on working on the game until it performs perfectly. If it is performing perfectly right now, then I would turn around 180° immediately saying release the god damn game now! But as I cannot see it from those low res clips in the web if it does, I am hoping we all will get the best racing sim with the best performance possible sometime this year.

N4BmpS3103d ago

This guy Yamauchi is like the biggest perfectionist ever. He's never satisfied he could have released GT5 3 or 4 months ago and people would have thought it was beyond amazing.


Just after the anal term discussion everyone is shortening Kazunori's name to KY.

Just couldn't avoid thinking of...

Kazunori may be anal, but at least he never gets butthurt!

Steve_03103d ago

If this "anger" with GT5 is anything like Hideo Kojima-san feeling somewhat "disappointed" by the end product of MGS4, then thats all good with me. MGS4 was a friggin masterpiece.

At this point, so long as I can drive the 458 Italia round the Nurb', then there's absolutely no way this can disappoint me. I say, Bring it On.

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Brixxer6003104d ago

I'm angry because it isn't finished and i can't play it yet. lol

-Alpha3104d ago

he may be angry now but he'll be wiping away his tears with the Benjamins.

Cevapi883104d ago

even if he does get angry due to the "completion" of the game, the strong community support for GT5 and the endless feedback will keep Yamauchi busy...i can see many patches along with DLC, all to make the game that much better and realistic

Biggest3103d ago

I'll be angry if there is DLC. I wish people would make a full game and be done with it. It seems as if that will be the case with GT5. Games should be completed before release. NO MORE DLC!!!

Cevapi883103d ago

why would you be angry? what you will get with GT5 is unmatched anywhere when it comes to re-playability...i know that there will be a demand for more cars and tracks and customization of vehicles....what you will get with the game is months of pure fun and entertainment....unlike crappy DLC that you get from other devs with shooters and third person games, at least you will know that what you get from Yamauchi will be the best that it can be...i know that when i got done with GT3 and GT4 i wished that there was more to do, and now with the PS3 that will be possible...

Biggest3103d ago

Maybe I didn't explain it properly. I wasn't waiting to get angry at PD for having DLC. I hate DLC in general. I would prefer developers to put the time and effort into making a complete game. If something is left over, so be it. But the trend today is to almost complete a game, release the almost completed game, then throw the unfinished portions out with a price tag. I want a $60 game to be a full game. If you have something extra, put it in the game. If it won't fit, try it again on the next $60 installment.

bnaked3103d ago

"Let me be clear on this. There is a massive amount of content in this game, I don't think there are many teams that can put as much into a game as we can." he said. "The launch of the game isn't a start, we are releasing the full game"

"Everything we want to put in the game is on the disc when it ships," he continued. "Having said that, we do have a sizable online team that will look after it once it's launched"

Cevapi883103d ago

but with a game like GT5, the amount of content you can have in the game is endless,

over a 1000 cars, 80 tracks, full customization of vehicles....that alone should warrant $60 dollars and make it a complete game...

i understand your reasoning when it comes to shooters and other genres...every time you see a new game come out, two weeks later...."new DLC on the horizon???" and that sort of in point Splinter Cell, Heavy Rain etc.

DigitalAnalog3103d ago

Benjamin's didn't stop him from crying on Gran Turismo 1, 2, 3 and 4

-End statement

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SWORDF1SH3104d ago

Don't you love regurgitated old news submitted again from a distorted point of view. /s


Was delayed only 1 time, and that was delayed for Japan.

In America or Europe never was delayed, because there never was a date for the release, except for Japan.

electricshadow3104d ago

Or a fetish for creating really well done games.

Anarki3104d ago

He only wants what is best for his game. It would suck having to rush it for it to just suck, like Forza 3 for instance.

You cannot rush perfection - which is why Sony is being very lenient with this guy.

Cueil3104d ago

I think this game has probably missed more milestone dates then any other sony game ever.

Madmax12819803103d ago

and how exactly does forza 3 suck? just because it dont look as good as gt5 dont mean it sucks. its actually a pretty good game and deserves just as much praise. turn 10 support their game very well with nu car packs and tracks and the occasional free custom cars by the dev team. theres more to games than pretty gfx.

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Gun_Senshi3104d ago

You can always release patches and DLC to keep tweaking the game until its perfect in your eyes

monkey nuts3104d ago

He's gone on record saying whe it releases, it will be complete. Ya know like the old days. No dlc, no bug fixes, just quality defined.

Gen0ne3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

What happened to the good old days when a game was done, it was actually finished. I'm not really a big GT fan, but I dig this man's work ethic. He takes pride in what he puts his name on. Take your time sir, your fans will thank you for it.

I understand what you're saying though, I've gotten used to that patch until perfect approach too. Which is why I won't disagree but, I appreciate this level of dedication. We need more of it, so I endorse it.