Gaming the Score: Metacritic?

Game Pro takes a look at reviews aggregator Metacritic's role in the video game industry, examine how that all might change in the near future, and talk to Metacritic founder and Games Editor Marc Doyle as well as game developers and PR representatives to share their thoughts on the website.

Are Metascores a force for good with developers?

Pete Hines, VP of public relations and marketing at Bethesda Softworks, thinks Metacritic is the bomb. "I find it enormously helpful," says Hines. "Having someone else do a not-insignificant amount of work, just pulling in what everyone says, that's great. We can get into arguments about whether four-out-of-five is really an 80 percent, but on some level, everyone's playing on the same pitch."

Indeed, it does level the playing field. Metacritic scores are now seen by developers, studios, and publishers across the board not just as a convenient gauge of public perception, but as the actual quality of a game.

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