Star Trek Online: Expanding Universe - Part Three

IncGamers has the latest video from Cryptic Studios, Star Trek Online: Expanding Universe - Part Three.

In the clip, STO's executive producer Craig Zinkievich, producer Daniel Stahl and others talk about the upcoming Special Task Force content.

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Maticus3156d ago

Loads of new content planned, always a good thing.

Fyzzu3156d ago

Looking good. Let's hope this expands on the game in the right way.

Malfurion3156d ago

Some good stuff lined up there, maybe it's not doomed after all.

Leord3156d ago

I can't believe I lost a bubble AGAIN! I haven't said anything even remotely offensive!

Must be some mistake.

Dorjan3156d ago

Making the universe bigger one step at a time

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